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Chloë Goodchild

Posted:Chloë Goodchild

UK, STROUD, GLOUCESTERSHIRE - Sound Wisdom: An In-Depth Living Presence Retreat, Chloe Goodchild, Hawkwood College, Painswick Old Road, Stroud, GL6 7QW, 01 Jun 2022

An In-depth Living Presence Retreat with Chloe Goodchild

Life on Mother Earth is awakening humanity to a new language of consciousness, led by deep intuition, vitality, intimacy and the sound of our true Nature.

With us, you will experience non-judgemental listening, discernment, dissolution of the old narratives, together with the healing frequencies of a New Story sourced from unconditional Living Presence.

This in-depth retreat provides you with unique sound awareness skills, conscious core energy movement and inner-outer practices that empower and support you to navigate your Life’s calling from within. This work is the medicine for true sentient intimacy, inter-connectedness, compassionate service sourced from Oneness.

At a Glance
A unique retreat to integrate the sung, spoken and silent voice
An intimate encounter with your contemplative, compassionate and creative voice
Self-enquiry through singing, chanting sacred mantras and energy practices
An all-inclusive, tranquil atmosphere and cosy accommodation for full being integration

What You Will Gain
A rigorous process of experiential self-enquiry
Embodied awareness through conscious movement and voice work
Healing through rest, sound and silence, listening and loving
A direct encounter with the voice of your true self

We live in a unique GAIA-sphere, a uniquely blue and watery world, with her own coherence, ecology, elements and energy systems that enable humanity to breathe. Here on earth, we bathe in immense beauty. As inhabitants and stewards, we are tuning into the vast living presence of Gaia.

Gaia’s voice is making Her presence felt now, and thousands of human beings are awakening to the spiritual crisis that we have co-created through the illusion of our separateness.

The world community privileged to be living on earth is – knowingly or unknowingly – in deep transition, evolution, and transformation as a human species. The age-old centralised paradigm of ‘divide and rule’, separateness, duality, greed, and fear, is transmuting and evolving into a ‘decentralised’ empowering collective call – for a deeper ‘remembering’ of the miracle. Here is the wonder and inter-connectedness of human life. Here is a wisdom that is older and deeper than the polarity of all conflict.

The human voice is the compass and conduit of an ancient memory; of the sacred nature and sovereignty of who we are, as conscious, innovative, co-creative, compassionate beings.

The human voice is also the vessel and vehicle of a profound and graceful way to heal the trauma of the negative ‘legacy’ of colonialism as well as being the catalyst and messenger of the soul. It is capable of transforming and restoring the music and frequencies of true primordial Love: the Oneness that you are and I am.

This retreat will provide you with skilful awareness. An all-inclusive living and learning context in which everyone is welcome, no one left out.

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The Naked Voice pioneering sound and voice practices have been tried and tested with thousands globally over 35 years, within which too is the opportunity for you to embody, empower and express your true Self once again.

"Sound is the ground of consciousness. Silence brings the grace between words, utterance, poetry and song that liberates the Soul to sing freely once again within the singing field of its own Living Presence."
– Chloe Goodchild

STROUD, GLOUCESTERSHIRE - Sound Wisdom: An In-Depth Living Presence Retreat

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