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Rami Shaafi

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UK, SUFFOLK - Manifest & Transform Workshop, Rami Shaafi and Ivana Shaafi, The Harmony Centre, Walpole Hatch Farm, Halesworth, Suffolk, IP19 9BB, 13 Jun 2021

This powerful workshop is a wonderful opportunity to learn the laws of energy in nature and spirit and the potential to manifest the goals in life as well as what you aspire to achieve spiritually also the opportunity to learn how to simply transform what is no longer serving you to a more balanced and happy state of being. This workshop is for anyone wanting to expand their sensitivity and spiritual awareness, no previous experience necessary.
You can attend just the workshop or just the Sound journey or both. If you are staying for a whole day please bring food to share. Refreshments (hot and cold drinks) will be provided. Instruments from around the world will be available to buy. Limited space so please book your place ASAP.

  • Category : Meditation
  • Start Date : 13-06-2021
  • End Date :
  • Facilitator : Rami Shaafi and Ivana Shaafi
  • Time : 12pm – 5pm
  • Address : The Harmony Centre, Walpole Hatch Farm, Halesworth, Suffolk, IP19 9BB
  • Contact Name : Rami Shaafi
  • Contact Email : info@ramivana.com
  • Contact Phone : 07915858099
  • Pricing Details : £65
  • Website : https://www.ramivana.com/events.html
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SUFFOLK - Manifest & Transform Workshop

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