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"Lifemusic - Connecting People to Time" Reviewed by Andrew Hodges

Rod Paton, one of the world's foremost authorities on improvisation, has provided us, in his latest book 'LifeMusic', with a significant addition to the research. 'LifeMusic' is a fresh look at improvisation and our involvement with it whether we are musicians or not. Many classically trained musicians will feel challenged by the book but if the reader is open to the exploration of new musical territory they may find huge reward in its pages.  

'LifeMusic', in essence, is a book about our relationship to the creativity offered by our ability to make sound together.  It addresses the impact of the recent development of cultural imbalances which have created, in our time, a sense, for many, of musical impotence. Consumer-oriented imperatives have led to a disconnect of musical experience.  Rod describes how most musical experience is now often once-removed from our ability to enjoy the direct  expression of soul.  Rod's LifeMusic project, a series of teachings and experiential workshops, is successfully redressing this yawning gap.  Much of the meat of this latest book is drawn directly from the project.  The book points to ways of reclaiming our ownership, whatever our level of musical ability, of musical creativity and performance.

This book is for everyone who wants to rediscover their inner musical magic.

Andrew Hodges

& Community Director for Sound Forum

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