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Richard Down
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“The Song” a shaman’s spell and a vision of World peace

“The Song” a shaman’s spell and a vision of World peace

As I enter a state of trance and let plant spirit Ayahuasca guide me, “the song” and sounds come to me;  the icaro, the strange sounds, the instruments to pick up and use to effect an energy healing on the individual or group audience in front of me.

No medicine is present – just spirit. I do not know what is going to happen on the onset of such a healing – all I know is that I have called her in and that she will guide me to the words and then take me to a place where words no longer suffice– pure sounds and frequencies that Earths messenger wants to orchestrate – a journey in to the spirit realm. This is the way she says…”It is love”.

My awakening to the song began in 2008 with a complete immersion in to plant spirit shamanism. I was seeking healing for myself and others. At the time, as a master practitioner in Neurolinguistics and hypnosis, I was seeking remedy for treatment resistant disorders and disease that western medicine and conventional therapies seemed to have little effect upon. Over the next few years in countless shamanic journeys and sacred ceremonies I was shown clear vision just how sound and song frequencies influence energetic centres within the body – the chakras- and thus affect the well being of people. Songs came and went leaving positive and life transformational effects. I knew that I could not ignore what I had experienced first-hand and had seen in others. I knew that I had to learn so much more…

 I became aware around 2010 that the songs were fast becoming my preferred way of dealing with people stuck with psychological

issues,trouble and physical trauma – that these strange songs were like “icaros”similar to those used in Peruvian shamanism. The Shipibo Conibo tribe in the upper Amazon were widely known in shamanic circles to be the holders of the icaro – more than just a song but a whole healing system of medicine healing.It was time to seek a deeper depth of understanding into “the song” – time to find an indigenous healer off the tourist route of Ayahuasca who could actually help me with my search.

Late 2011 I found myself such a healer in Santa Rosa di Dinamarca, a settlement of Shipibo Indians fringing the Ucayali River in the Upper Amazon – Antonio Vazques Galaretta and his shaman entourage. This was the witchy medicine healer’s domain, earth magic and the very roots my song needed. It was also the start of an incredible medicine vigil too complex to relate or share in story here - but I was shown what I needed to see and confirm in visionary medicine healing song– Don Antonio was extremely generous to me, affording me the ability to move powerfully with healing song. I have not stopped singing since…

I came back to the UK with icaro, channelled spirit song, Shipibo vocables, the ability to see energy, to sense shifts in energy by creating “puro sonido”- pure sound frequencies with my voice. Overtones and rising and falling scales that somehow became me. Singing these spell songs with strong meaning and intention in Shipibo and then creating dramatic and positive effects in individuals and audiences with sound. Exciting and revealing times for both myself and my wife, Katerina in our healing work as we both realised the wider application of what we were now able to implement for ourselves and others.

2013 I returned to the Amazon for a brief visit to Don Antonio and his shaman family.We shared 5 weeks together uninterrupted with song, in ceremony night after night weaving sonidos and magic, engaging in energy exchange that would help us both. I am ever grateful for his generosity but he knew from our sharing that I wanted to create a greater healing effect within my home community in the UK,he also knew we wanted to extend that to the World. I would not wish to create a folk idol of my friend; he would not like that – but suffice to say my down to Earth friend is a true Maestro – that few exist.

In the last few years myself and Katerina have seen countless individuals and groups for life transformational work – our background in psychotherapy coming in to play but first and foremost our work with song and sound being most prevalent.

The icaro spell songs form the pivotal energy of our shamanic sound healing events promoting an awakened spiritual awareness in people that attend, spreading into the community and out into the World. We form new and exciting collaborations with artists from around the World as the events grow in intensity.

 The song is a shaman’s spell is a vision of World peace


Thank you and we welcome you to learn more of our work at Those interested can learn directly from us - we hold events and workshops, one to one power sessions on skype and face too face. You can see many testimonials that help people to come forward and experience their own return to wholeness through the work. We have a CD just released that everyone can enjoy now entitled "The Song" - it is powerful guided journey with icaro and can be purchased easily.

Yes, we want to extend the work to as many as possible...this is a vision of peace

Thank you so much for your time

Richard Down

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