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from: Jeff Volk

1st World Cymatics Congress

WORLD CYMATICS CONGRESS An integrative approach to the science of Sound as a creative force. Four days immersed in a beautiful natural setting — Workshops ~ Presentations ~ Performance ~ Participation! Oct 31 - Nov 3 2014, Allerheiligen, Black Forest, Germany. To register, and for logistics and program information, see:
The term “Cymatics,” the study of wave phenomena, was introduced in the 1960’s by Swiss medical doctor and natural scientist,Hans Jenny. Through meticulous experiments, keen observation and penetrating insights into the invisible forces that mold matter into forms seen throughout the natural world, Jenny articulated a field of phenomena that had fascinated philosophers and scientists since the days of Pythagoras. In his books and films, Jenny cataloged how inert powders, pastes and liquids could be shaped into organized, flowing forms, “bringing them to life” by exciting them with simple audible sound frequencies! The implications have been far-reaching, supporting such new branches of study as quantum physics, chaos theory, and complexity science, which have radically transformed the way we conceive of matter, the very “stuff” of life itself! Now, half a century after Jenny introduced this term, the First World Cymatics Congress will gather scientists, artists and researchers to explore the broader implications of this field, in a multidisciplinary celebration of the art and science of Cymatics. From music, movement and sculpture, to innovative scientific research in fluid dynamics and the mysterious energies inherent in water, to the subtle vibrations that shape language itself — we will share these latest discoveries over four full days and nights of awe-inspiring multi-media presentations, performances, and engaging interactive and experiential workshops. By integrating diverse artistic and scientific approaches and encouraging participants to play an active role in all the proceedings, an atmosphere will develop in which a coherent, holistic view may emerge. The exceptional conference venue — an ancient Monastery in the heart of the Black Forest in Germany, which includes one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Europe — will offer a unique environment for each participant to become fully immersed in the flow of nature and the spontaneous evolution of form. A living experience of Cymatics may thereby arise in and through all of us who gather to participate. All lectures will be simultaneously translated into English, German and French. Participants are encouraged to stay on-site in lovely, modern guesthouses, for the duration of the Congress. To register, and for logistics and program information, see: Presentations by: Dr. Gabriel Kelemen - Romania Talk/Workshop: From Science to Art, from Art to Science – Revealing the Flow within the Form Jeff Volk- USA • Talk: Insights into the Invisible World of Sound – Cymatics as a Living Metaphor of Universal Principles Dr. Serge Maintier - France/Germany • Talk: Formative Forces of Speech as Seen in Air Flow Patterns John Telfer - UK • Talk: Searching for the Harmonic Laws in Form and Movement Jörg Schauberger - Austria • Talk/Workshop: Vortex and Implosion – The Profound Discoveries of Viktor and Walter Schauberger Dr. David Auerbach - South Africa/Germany • Talk: The Essential Nature of Waves – Flow – Form – Oscillation Jennifer Greene - USA • Workshop: Revealing the Mysteries Hidden within Water Dr. Manfred Schleyer - Germany • Talk/Workshop: The Rhythmic Flow of Life – The Life-Sustaining Properties of Water Christine Sutter-Picariello - France/Germany • Workshop: The Way of Water – Exploring the Sensitive Chaos Prof. Georg Gaupp-Berghausen - Austria • Talk/Workshop: Formative Forces of Life – Dark-field Microscopy and Harmonics Manfred Bleffert - Germany • Workshop/Performance: Shedding New Light on Goethe’s Theory of Sound – Designing New Instruments to Bring Music to Life Charlotte C. Frisch - Switzerland/Germany • Workshop/Performance: Eurythmy – The Art of Movement, Gesture and Rhythm Atmani - Germany (Conference Initiator) • Talk/Workshop/Performance: The Inner Nature of Cymatics – Song, Music and Spiritual Science

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