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Chris James
from: Chris James
Category: Sound Healing

2012, The New Era, & Sound Healing

Well, it's 2012 it's the start of the new era, love is truly all around us, heaven is finally on earth, and to stay separated from our inner hearts and the truth of who we are takes even more energy.
So what does this mean to sound healing in general, the practitioners of Sound Healing, those interested in Sound healing and music. The very first consideration is energetic responsibility, knowing exactly and precisely who we are and what energetically we are aligned to. Consequently this means we need to consider what energy is coming through our music and the sounds we make. If energy is everything and everything is energy, nothing can be compartmentalised, or separated, so saying that we can do this or that, get away with this or that, and it won't be coming through our music or our healing is obviously living a lie. This would be the energetic equivalent of sticking your head in the sand in the Sahara and hoping that your bum wouldn't get sun burnt because you can’t see the sun.
Just because you can’t see energy does not mean that it is not there. We are energetically responsible for every product, CD, book, workshop we hold, class we teach, music we play, and words we speak. Good intentions, sincerity or doing what we think is right will not affect the energetic outcome of what we are producing.  It is either harming or healing. If you are drinking alcohol, taking drugs, playing music or teaching for self-gratification, playing music with emotion, playing music or teaching to serve any part of you, then by the energetic law of the universe, you are harming with your expression.
If we are still aligning with some of the old new-age paradigms for example sending sound healing, being a part of any global tuning where everyone sends sound healing without checking to feel if the senders are clear in themselves, still subscribing promoting or practicing the 7 Chakra system in any way, we are contributing to the illusion that is preventing people from truly starting to feel how much hurt there is , how separated they are from their true selves, the inner heart, not allowing them to truly reconnect with their soul. I have personal experience of all these things. I had various CD’s released that I realised were not made with  energetic integrity that I have taken off the market. I co-started a global sounding that now sends a wave of harmful emotionally charged energy around the planet. In doing these things I was sincere but energetically very ignorant and arrogant.
The wonder of this age is that as soon as we in humility and strength start our path of return, our soul will be working with us hand-in-hand so that we can truly start to heal  age-old separation, let go of the deep illusion that the world is blanketed in. Then, by the very nature of our connection to our inner hearts, our awakening clairsentient awareness of our music and sounds,  whenever we speak from that deep inner connection, all we speak or sing will truly be healing. This is the true and loving law of energetic responsibility. Let us bring this into the new era.
With love,
Your fellow student,

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