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Lisa Rafel
from: Lisa Rafel
Category: Sound Healing

A Lightness Of Spirit In My Heart

Throughout history, songs have been used to fuel and alter our emotional states.  Daniel Levitin synthesized this insight into his book, The World in Six Songs. He categorized songs into six groupings - friendship, joy, religion, comfort, knowledge and love. He talks about how music made us into who we are.   

I believe emotions are a key element in how we make sense of the world. When I think about the types of songs that have impacted me, they are “fun and dance” music that lets me release emotions and gives me a chance to move my body, “classical” music that inspires me, “spiritual-religious-meditative” music that takes me into my inner landscape and stimulates my sense of humanity and nature, “idea songs” that have given me new perspectives and songs that inspired my community spirit and activism.  When I started making my own music I discovered that all of these influences were helpful, but it was not until I began harmonic overtone chanting that I understood the depth or where music could touch my heart and soul.  

I began writing “Positive Intention Music™ as a gift to my new grandson. I used the intimacy in my heart and my knowledge of how music can have physical, psychological and emotional influence to create a special kind of lullabye. They were so well received that I was encouraged to write more, and now this music has become a key element of my work. The songs and additional music create emotional landscapes that entice and entrain the listener into a calm and heart connected state, the perfect environment for connecting with a baby.  I am inspired to write, record and produce them and they inspire me. It feels like all the pieces of my knowledge have become integral to each other. It feels like a lightness of spirit is around me and in me, especially in my heart.

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