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John Stuart Reid
Category: Cymatics

A tribute to Ludwig van Beethoven:

In honour of Ludwig van Beethoven’s 250th anniversary the CymaScope team recently created a MusicMadeVisible excerpt from his Piano Sonata Number 8, Opus 13, Pathetique, played by gifted concert pianist, Daniel Levy. The complex and  beautiful cymatic geometry in Beethoven’s gorgeous melody are revealed for the first time by the CymaScope instrument. We describe this process as “Imprinting the music onto pure water, thereby transforming musical periodicities to water  wavelet periodicities, rather like a fingerprint on glass. But while fingerprints are revealed by dusting the imprint with fine powder, musical imprints are revealed by ‘dusting’ the water’s surface with light.”  

This new musicology technique, when further developed, may help those who have some degree of hearing impairment or who are profoundly deaf, in their enjoyment of music. When remembering that Beethoven was completely deaf by age 46  we can only imagine the degree to which MusicMadeVisible would have supported him in his later compositions. Do make sure that you watch the video in HD by tapping on the cog wheel at bottom right of the YouTube screen:

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