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Acutonics® Sustainable Living with Sound Vibration

The science of the future will be based on Sympathetic Vibrations — Rudolph Steiner, 1913

The Kairos Institute of Sound Healing, creators of the Acutonics System is located at 8,500 feet in a rural community in Northern New Mexico the southwestern portion of the United States. Under the direction of Donna Carey, and with assistance from some of our students, we have been conducting experiments in the use of sound vibration to enhance agricultural production. Ongoing research focuses on the effects of sympathetic sound vibration on seed germination, plant pollination, fruit setting and quality and quantity of fruit and vegetable production. Driven by the desire to create a sustainable future, that would generate sufficient quantities of quality food to feed our community, visitors, and students, we applied our knowledge of human physiology, meridians, planetary science, and sound vibration. Our experiments in the direct application of sound frequency to plants exceeded our wildest expectations.

Despite our New Mexico location in the South Eastern portion of the United States our elevation is equivalent to growing in the Northern United States, in areas like upper Minnesota and Wisconsin. For over ten years we have had extensive outdoor gardens despite the short growing season where frosts still occur in early June and often return early in September. To achieve our goals for sustainability, extend our growing season, and amplify our sound experiments we built a 33’ geodesic growing dome. This size was selected for its icosohedral shape and sacred dimension. The icosahedron is one of the five Platonic solids, based on the polyhedon, specifically the pentagram. This form representative of a musical 5th, links back to the Pythagoreans and is connected to the golden ratio. It was also considered to be a sacred shape by Plato, the ancient Greeks, Johannes Kepler, and many of the mystery traditions throughout time.

Through correspondence and intention, this powerful geometric shape provides access into the energy of Earth to foster healing the soul and energy of the planet. The icosahedron relates elementally to water—and sound travels four times faster in water than in air. The dome has a 1200-gallon thermal mass pool, solar powered ventilation, circulation, and aeration system. The combination of the water and the domes shape act as powerful amplifiers for our vibratory experiments. The center of the door into the dome is oriented on a changing hexagram between yang and yin, which like a musical octave its center point is a 5th. Sound vibrations were applied to seedlings in the dome prior to outdoor planting. The outdoor harvest was far superior to prior years. In the dome plants growth was otherworldly, people who saw them wondered if we were feeding them steroids. Many of the tomato plants grew 8-10 ft in height, squash plant leaves were over 3 feet in diameter and both summer and winter squash, peppers, chard, parsnips, beets, and all varieties of tomatoes have been extraordinarily prolific.

Our experiments focused on the application of planetary tuning forks and chimes that are tuned to the frequency of Mars and Venus, which when combined, create a musical 5th. The resonant frequencies of the planets through collective archetypes and myths are found across time and in numerous cultures throughout the world. These frequencies are derived through science and mathematics—Kepler’s calculations of planetary rotations, as well as through research on the effects of planets on human physiology.

Venus corresponds to circulation, reproduction, nourishment, the hormonal system, fertility, birth, and creativity. Mars ever responsive to the call of Venus is stimulating, propels action, and provides the power and initiative that is necessary to remove obstacles and create defensive strategies that maximize survival and fertilization. When combined together Mars and Venus create a 5th. The relationship between Mars and Venus occurs naturally in nature and is entirely representative of their unique relationship. This balance between male and female and yin and yang, provides the perfect paring to strengthen plant production, pollinate, and promote growth. Our work with planetary archetypes, intervals, and science is also tapping into Astrosophy the “wisdom”, soul and spirit of the stars (as opposed to astrology the “word” of the stars) as represented in the work of Rudolph Steiner and many of his followers.

Functionally the vibrations of the tuning forks, when activated close to the flowers generate a field that simulates the fluttering or movement of the bees. In fact, many people believe that bees themselves represent the principles of Venus. This includes the laws of attraction and cooperation, the feminine principle, interdependency as represented by the hive, and the super conduction that occurs when the concern is for global consciousness not the individual self (Mars).

Growing plants in an indoor environment presents unique challenges in the area of pollination, biosphere management, and creating and maintaining an eco system in which plants can thrive, grow, and produce. Although we had been cautioned about the inherent problems we might encounter our level of productivity exceeded every estimate, in size of plants, plant leaves, fruit and total harvest and longevity of production. Although we need to conduct specific focused experiments in pest management, a significant problem with indoor growing, it appears that pest management was also controlled with the power of Mars. Prior to the dome, and the application of sound frequency and intervals we were unable to produce a tomato plant that ripened or thrived. After the application of sound therapy tomato plants ranged in size from 8 to 10 feet and plants loaded with fruit, have continued to produce exceptional tasting produce into November. Because we had no expectation that everything would germinate the plants were spaced closely and did not receive any fertilizers throughout the season. We had nearly 100% germination rate on all seeds. An unexpected consequence is that the snails, and fish in the thermal mass pool also produced record levels of progeny.

Our work with sound and agriculture draws heavily on the principles of Biodynamics, understanding that the nature of a plant is in direct correspondence to the nature of a human, and that plants, planets, and humans, share a deep and profound connection to the earth, where one mirrors the nature of the other. All of our experiments incorporated our knowledge of sacred geometry, vibratory physics, and the Acutonics® approach to optimal health, which draws on the art and science of sympathetic resonance, and our profound relationship to the archetypal, mythic, and correspondent qualities of the planets.

Through the application of resonant sympathetic frequencies to the plant world we also connect and interact with the fields of humans and animals. The intersection point is not just through the etheric field and plant physiology, but we reach into its soul and essence, via water content, cell structure and membranes. Fruit and vegetables have water contents of between 75-95%. Plants like humans and animals live between heaven and earth and between sun and earth and are intermediaries of divine energy, critical messengers able to store memories of their existence in water. When we apply sound to the various stages of a plants life, seed, flower and fruit, we reawaken their consciousness to unite in a common goal with humanity. By working directly and consciously with the life forces and subtle energy active in nature the overarching aim is an alchemical path of transformation that is in harmony with Earth and the heavens in a way that is both healing and productive to the whole.

The use of sound vibration in the dome was highly successful. Germination, pollination, and taste of the produce exceeded all projections. Amplified across our land, the result of sound traveling deep into the meridians of the earth, and across our quarter acre pond, is that the productivity of our outdoor gardens, compared to prior years tripled despite the low rainfall we experienced in July.

Because our office and gardens are located in an ancient caldera with numerous underground springs it is not possible to generate a double blind study on our land where some plants receive sound vibration and some don’t. Even our attempts, which focused largely on the use of sound in the dome, resulted in our outdoor gardens producing at record levels. Although many seeds were started in the dome based on our record keeping from prior years when sound vibration was not used it is clear that our productivity, and the quality of our produce has been greatly enhanced through the application of sound, even given the distance between the dome and our outside gardens. There is tremendous potential to improve the yield, quality of produce, and pest management through the applications of sound, and this may well be the future of agriculture. Additional experiments are being conducted to enhance commercial seaweed (ogo) production in Hawaii, and one of our students experimenting with wine production in California is having exceptional results.

When you consider the beneficial use and application of sound frequency to agriculture it is clear that the future for the intentional use of sound vibration has enormous potential in all aspects of human and planetary health.


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