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Ellen Franklin
Category: Sound Healing

Acutonics From Galaxies to Cells

Acutonics From Galaxies to Cells | Planetary Science, Harmony and Medicine is now available. This full color, hard-back book takes you a journey through the solar system drawing the connections between planetary archetypes, frequencies, correspondence theory, and Oriental medicine. The culmination of fifteen years of development, research, and documentation, that demonstrates the profound universal connections between the natural world, body, mind, and spirit, and the role that they each play in our journey toward wholeness.

This comprehensive exploration into the application of sound vibration to acupuncture points, trigger points, and points of pain provides an in-depth scientific exploration of the use of sound vibration in a therapeutic setting. Providing a bold, innovative, investigation of the human bodies relationship to our solar system, this new book incorporates both the spiritual traditions and science of Oriental medicine. Planetary science, depth psychology, and Oriental medicine all have a place in this work, and are effectively woven together, into a cohesive and accessible whole.

Although it would be easy to classify this book as a textbook for the Acutonics modality, it is so much more. It weaves together scientific theories of how our bodies are influenced by the planets, philosophy, modern theories of physics and fields, music, myths, archetypal psychology, and research. The first three chapters of the book lay the foundation for the use of planetary frequencies and musical intervals on the body. Tracing scientific research that spans hundreds of years.

Chapter 1: From Galaxies to Cells provides specific examples of research into the impact of planetary influences on human health. Exploring how human physiology responds to external rhythms from both cosmic and geophysical environments, and demonstrating that these responses can be measured at the cellular level.

Chapter 2: Myths, Archetypes and Music providing an exploration of resonant frequencies that resound in both the unconscious mind and in the collective unconscious. Myths give rise to archetypes, which can be viewed as deep harmonic resonances, which help us understand the ways in which the elements and the planets influence us. These powerful forces that are everywhere and in everything support the quest for a more unified whole.

Chapter 3: The Body is a Planetary Landscape explores the relationship between the human body, the natural world, and the planets. Laying the foundation for each of the subsequent chapters, which explore the planetary bodies in our solar system in great depth. Each planetary chapter follows the same structure presenting science, myths, archetypal qualities, and music and specific highly relevant clinical applications.

The book concludes with a chapter on Points and Meridians that demonstrates the application and rational for the use of specific tuning forks on acupuncture points and meridians, and a Chapter that provides an innovative new look at the Eight Extraordinary Meridians.

This modality was co-developed by Donna Carey whiles she was Clinical Dean at the Northwest Institute for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NIAOM) and was integrated into fourteen community clinics including clinics for the elderly, refugees, homeless youth, pediatrics, chronic fatigue, HIV AIDS, and women’s integrative health care. Carey also had hospital privileges at Harbor View Hospital a leading trauma hospital in the Seattle area. Ellen Franklin has contributed her knowledge of depth psychology, archetypes and myths, and Paul and Jude Ponton, senior Acutonics faculty and experienced acupuncturists have contributed extensive treatment protocols throughout the book. The exploration of musical intervals and selection of specific classical pieces of music that evoke each of the planetary frequencies were provided by Michelangelo who has a background in classical music and opera.

Specific examples of the use and application of tuning forks to treat a wide variety of conditions commonly seen in clinical practice are provided.

There are more that 350 photos including many beautiful images from NASA/JPL, and detailed treatment photographs that demonstrate the use and application of these tools in a clinical setting.

Over 600 pages, 9" x 12" full color, hardback book, $169.95

This book was published with a new case study companion guide.

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Acutonics From Galaxies to Cells: Case Study Companion Guide

Teachers and practitioners of Acutonics chronicled this new guide, which was compiled by the Kairos Institute of Sound Healing, and edited by senior faculty members Judith Ponton, DC, LAc and Paul Ponton, MAc, LAc. This book includes, more than sixty clear case study examples, of specific protocols for a wide variety of conditions.

Cases are organized by primary issue and cover autoimmune, cancer, mental health, musculoskeletal, neurological, psycho-spiritual, respiratory, and women's health. There are several cases that address pediatric concerns, and the treatment of animals. These case studies provide clear evidence and new insights into the efficacy of this modality.

Beautifully illustrated by Gail Geltner.

Over 200 pages, 9" x 12" spiral bound, color cover, black & white interior.


The connected systems from astronomy to biology present what might be a trans-disciplinary view on healing. In a world that values reductionism, this is a brave new contribution to the healing journey.
— William Morris. PhD, DOM, LAc

From Galaxies to Cells…nothing less than a monumental work! Donna Carey and Ellen Franklin have devoted decades to the research correlations, and practical applications of interconnectivity. This exquisite scientific and heartfelt exploration into unity inspires me greatly. If you are interested in resonance and the use of frequencies for healing, Acutonics From Galaxies to Cells has the power to change your life. We are all richer for this masterwork! — Joshua Leeds, Author of The Power of Sound and Through a Dog’s Ear.

From ancient symbols and intuition to modern approaches for health, From Galaxies to Cells inspires all who are interested in the world of resonance, harmony and tone.  — Don Campbell, Author of The Mozart Effect and Healing at the Speed of Sound

Allow all your senses to come alive as you delve into this beautifully illustrated, in-depth exploration of the dynamic resonance between all levels of consciousness from cell to the Cosmos. Reminding us that there is no separation except in our mind, this is a must read for all who consider themselves cutting edge scientists, psychologists and healers. — Christine Page MD: Author of Frontiers of Health and 2012 and the Galactic Center: the Return of the Great Mother.

A powerful, comprehensive roadmap that reveals the fascinating correspondence that exists between modern science, mythology, eastern medicine, and clinical health strategies. Clear and compelling, you are drawn into a story of our universe that is played out within each of us. This is an important contribution for those who want to understand the mystery of life and the potential for healing. — David Surrenda Ph. D., John F. Kennedy University, Founder of Graduate School of Holistic Studies.

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