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John Stuart Reid
Category: Cymatics

Advances in Cymatics and Micro Cymatics

Those of you who were present for our talks on sound healing and the power of intention at 2011’s College of Sound Healing Conference may recall that at that time we were planning to explore sound healing at the cellular level as well as hoping to explore ways of applying sound therapy to help children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We are sure you will be glad to know that both of these goals are coming to fruition. In the five years since our talks at the College we have made advances in both cymatics and micro cymatics that are beginning to shed light on the mechanisms that underpin sound healing. Here, in short, are the main areas we’ve been focused on.

CymaScope Music Made Visible App for iPad and iPhone

After two years in development the CymaScope Music Made Visible App is the world’s first app to display dynamic cymatic imagery in real time. Unlike software visualisers, which have been available for many years and show random patterns triggered by input sounds, the CymaScope App contains imagery created on a laboratory CymaScope and stored in memory, covering a range encompassing the first 40 notes of a piano. (Future generations will cover all 88 notes). The app contains an audio analyser that identifies the fundamental pitch of any vocal sound, or musical sound and, in real time, shows the appropriate imagery on-screen. Apart from its use as an entertainment the app has therapeutic applications because the imagery it creates is a geometric analog of the vocal sound or music, therefore, the visual cortex receives data that is equivalent to the auditory data, perhaps a unique phenomenon. When both senses are excited in this way the resulting experience can be cathartic. The iPad or iPhone can be connected to a large screen enabling the imagery to be experienced by a group of people so whether the user is chanting, playing crystal or Tibetan bowls, or a harp or other therapeutic instrument the powerful and beautiful imagery is created in real time. In 2016 we will be collaborating with Special Yoga Ltd, a London-based centre who support children with ASD, Cerebral Palsy and other challenges. We hold hopes that this new technology will help to minimise some of the children’s symptomologies.

More information on the CymaScope Music Made Visible App is available on our web site:

Sound Healing at the Cellular Level

Following a seemingly miraculous healing of my lower back during an acoustic experiment in the Great Pyramid, 20-years ago I began to research the question “why does sound heal”. I am still on that journey of exploration but I sense that I am edging closer to some fundamental answers. Traumatised cells are in a form of hibernation known as the G0 phase, or quiescence, in which they are asleep and not replicating. To rejoin the normal cell cycle, leading to normal replication and healing, the cell requires stimulation, either by an “injection” of effective nutrition or, hypothetically, by exposure to audible sounds of the correct frequencies. I will be discussing this concept in detail at the forthcoming Cymatics Conference in Atlanta and showing a read-out of the ‘song' of a healthy cell, identifying the frequencies present, followed by the read-out of the same cell in a traumatised state, indicating which frequencies have changed. Another avenue of exploration involves the outer membrane of a cell, its ‘brain’ as suggested by Dr. Bruce Lipton. Since audible sounds manifest naturally as a cymatic pattern on a membrane, we are employing a high-powered microscope to develop methods to image the micro-cymatics patterns that form on the surface of living cells, patterns that may energise depleted cells. If you are not able to attend the conference I will be writing a detailed article on this subject that will be available at some point next year.
The Cymatics Conference site can be found at this link:

All best wishes,

John Stuart Reid

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