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Lyz Cooper
from: Lyz Cooper
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Akashic Resonance - Raising Multiversal Consciousness with Sound

Defining god
When we hear the word 'god' it can create so many different images, resonances and resistances for people.  When I refer to the word 'god' I mean the Is, the force, the universal flow/consciousness, the unified field, the Akasha.  Personally I like to use the word 'god' because to me it suggests that there is a field of conscious creation.  It is important to note that I am using this word without religious attachment or gender, and also I do not see 'god' as a separate entity - we are aspects of 'god' (this is also the reason why I have not used a capital 'G' as one would if this was a person's name).  I have explained this further in my book 'Sounding the Mind of God' if you are interested.

The Akashic Field
Science is on a ‘Star Trek’ stretching deep into the universe and discovering an interconnected and coherent (even intelligent) field that is both creator and destroyer.  Some say that our universe is connected to others, creating a series of holographic fields of information, dubbed the 'superhologram' by mathematical physicist Walter Schempp.  According to Schempp, each universal hologram is interwoven or 'entangled' carrying 'the information on all the things that exist, and have ever existed'.

Although this is cutting edge science this is not new information.  A hundred years ago Nikola Tesla called this field the 'original medium that fills space', and even further back in time - several thousand years or so, the ancient Indian vedic teachings called this field  the 'Akasha'.  The Akasha is, as Nobel Prize nominee Ervin Laszlo puts it 'an enduring memory of the cosmos that records, conserves and conveys information'.  Physicist John Wheeler states 'the most fundamental feature of the universe is information...information is present throughout space and time, and is present at the same time everywhere'.

Separation is an Illusion
Quantum physics has also shown us that there is no separation between us; we are all connected to the Akasha. In fact we are a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual manifestation of the Akasha. However many of us go through life feeling dis-connected, alone and separate from society at large.  

The separation that we feel is due to the aspect of us called the 'ego' which drives us to be individual, tells us we are different and to exert our own identity and power.  There is nothing wrong with this aspect of us as long as it does not cause suffering, which in many cases it can.  Eckhart Tolle calles the suffering state the 'pain body'.  I have written much about this before and to stay 'en point' with this article I will resist the urge to stray into this subject, but suffice to say that if you feel pain (emotional, mental, physical) it could be because you are in your pain body, that is, experiencing a disconnect from the Akasha (not that this is actually possible), but you have gone into separation - you are 'dreaming' rather than 'awake'.

Apollo 14 member Edgar D. Mitchell recounts his first 'Akashic Experience' beautifully..  'The ancient Sanskrit phrase savikalpa samadhi nicely describes my experience of seeing the separateness and individuality of physical objects, like stars, planets and galaxies with my eyes, but experiencing at a visceral level the feeling of connectedness, or unity of all matter born in the furnaces of star systems, including our biomolecules.  The experience was accompanied by a sense of ecstasy and bliss.'

Sound and the Bliss Factor
Bliss is exactly right.  When you are connected you feel this force within you and you are in bliss.  Fear dissolves and you can manifest your reality easily and more effectively than ever before; your consciousness raises and you have the ability to transmute energy imbalances on all levels of being, improving health and wellbeing.  Also your intuition will improve. 

Sound has the ability to put you firmly into the moment giving you access to the Akasha and all of the information that this field contains.  In my opinion there is no better modality than sound for this and I've tried a few in my time!  When you are in the moment with your sound-work, the sound and you are one and the soundwaves act as a carrier for the information in the Akasha.  The sound releases denser energy patterns, tuning up your antenna and improving your ability to draw information from the field. 

Mitchell states, 'to routinely access this deeper level of intuitive information requires a natural openness to such information, enhanced by practice, and by learning to trust the validity of such experience.'  Trust is the key word here and I will also add 'surrender' to the mix.

The Multiverse
Referring back to Schempp, the superhologram is a collection of different holographic universes with overlapping facets, each containing information of its own Akasha which undoubtedly feeds into ours and vice-versa.  Therefore one can only imagine what information is available to us.  Not only this but experiments have shown that there is an accumulative effect, therefore the more we 'wake up' the more we will help others to do the same.  Christopher Bache, a professor of religious studies at Youngstown State University states that he noticed a kind of 'true collective intelligence operating in the classroom' when he was teaching his lessons.  Once he noticed this phenomenon he began to exploit it, creating more and more ‘group-mind’ experiences in his classes, allowing other students to learn faster and deeper than before. 

Csikszentmihalyi’s ‘Flow Theory’ first introduced the educational field to the idea of the ‘group mind’.  He noted that ‘individuals enter into a flow state when they are fully absorbed in an activity during which they lose their sense of time and have feelings of great satisfaction’ (which is the 'bliss factor' I referred to earlier).  Daniel Goleman also writes about flow, saying that the limbic system in the brain is responsible for the ‘group-mind’ effect because it is an 'open loop' system, allowing for the interplay between people to exist on an unseen level.


Lazslo states 'quantum brain research shows that the brain is physically capable of giving rise to experiences based on information that comes from the external world without having been conveyed by the body's exteroceptive is not merely a classic bio-chemical system but a macroscopic quantum system'. 


Projects such as the Global Coherence Initiative and the Intention Experiment are also looking at how we influence the collective mind. The process is achieved through the entrainment process.  Entrainment is defined as the tendency for two oscillating bodies to lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony.  It is also ‘to adjust (an internal rhythm of an organism) so that it synchronizes with an external cycle’.


Sound has the ability to entrain and if more than one individual is involved the entraining effect is greater.  We witness this every day when we watch television and see groups of people moving together in a unified way.  The force of entrainment has the ability to move people to destroy or create; to go to war or to give.


The Power of Now

There has never been a better time than now to work with sound either in a professional or personal capacity.  The collective consciousness is growing and awareness is rising for this wonderful, effective and transformational modality. How do we know?  Look around.  There are more people working with sound than ever before (in the modern world), there are more courses coming on line and more books and articles being written and the Soundtravels community continues to grow.  This is just in the Holistic Field, but if you want even more proof that this is a growth industry – even in a recession have a look at the mainstream.  There have recently been programmes on the TV such as ‘Rock Choir’, Gareth Malone is a regular fixture with various life-changing choir programmes, programmes on quantum physics are increasing with Dr Brian Cox regularly bringing quantum physics to our screens.  ‘Pop Star to Opera Star’ showed how the power of the voice can transform and the proceeds of their telephone voting system went to a well-known music therapy charity.  I’ve never know this before.  Although the latter examples are not directly related to sound therapy it signifies a trend that will undoubtedly affect us.  And this is just the beginning!


Where to Now?

Carry on with your sound work.  If you have not already started then join a workshop, read a book and choose your instrument(s).  The more you can get out of the way and come from the place of unity and non-judgement/ego the more you will align to the Akasha, the more the sound will teach you and the more your consciousness will grow.  This, in turn will feed into the superhologram, raising the consciousness of the multiverse.  How wonderful that we can make a difference in this way!  And nothing is ever lost.  Your sound and intention, once out there, will remain in the Akasha until the ‘big crunch’ and perhaps even longer!


If you are drawn to working with sound in a professional capacity then either check out my website if my work resonates with you or have a look at the other members of the community and the courses and workshops they run.


Next Workshop

September – Aligning to the Akasha with the voice, movement and Peruvian Whistling Vessels – a wonderful workshop that ends with a private session at Stonehenge!


Next Professional Trainings

Practitioner Level Diploma in Holistic Voice Therapy – University of Chichester, starting September

Practitioner Level Diploma Course – Isbourne Centre Cheltenham, Starting September

Therapeutic Sound in the Community Diploma – Residential course in Whichford, starting October.


I look forward to working with you soon - in the meantime, enjoy your sound work!


Lyz Cooper


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