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from: Chris James

Album Launch - Moments - An opportunity to Feel, Pause, and Reflect

Hi Everyone

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new album “Moments” an Instrumental Album. Three instrumental tracks combining beautiful, graceful instruments and vocals for easy listening in any environment at home or work.

Moments - Are an opportunity to feel, to pause and reflect, to observe and bring yourself back to you. Every time we reflect in this way, we connect to the love we truly are and choose to be with this life, not separate from it.
Inspired as always by the work of Serge Benhayon Universal Medicine.

The MP3 Downloads can be delivered now , along with beautiful art work cover pdf’s. If you are ordering a hard copy CD, we will send them as soon as they arrive from the CD manufacturers. The arrival date is the last week in November.
We are also taking wholesale orders now.

Please go to our home page , reload or refresh the page ( command R for Macs ) and click on the album cover, or go straight to ( but then you will miss the new pics on the home page :-)

With Love


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