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Atlantis revisited - True Eden?

Atlantis revisited - True Eden?

It is probably the most enduring grand mystery of all time... an enigma that was famously recorded by Plato around 360 BC (and it was ancient at that time). Atlantis has captured the interest and imagination of countless generations; over 2000 books have been written on this most famous "Lost Continent".  It has even been suggested that the longevity of the "myth", and mankind's fascination with Atlantis is due to the memory of Atlantis in our collective subconscious.  In a exhaustive study of old records up throughstate-of-the-art theory, the author concludes that Atlantis may have been the true Eden!

               Sciencetells us that there have been numerous - surprisingly many -  possible ancestors of modern homo sapiens(modern man). Often several of these races of "early men" would bepresent at the same time, co-inhabiting the same geographical regions. Whywhere there so many of these early hominid species and why did one emerge - andemerge so quickly - to lead directly to modern man? Enter Atlantis theory...with the idea that some form of "DivineDesigner" was watching developments on earth and waited for the rightmoment to arrive - when one species of early man was ready - or when theoverall environment - or the planet or cosmos was right. It was then the DD'sintervened and elevated the "chosen" race of early man to the statusof modern man - comprised of body & soul - where the preceding species wereanimal only.

Plato's account of Atlantis is basedon a trip that Solon (respected Greek lawyer) took to Egypt around 580 BC.While traveling in Egypt, Solon heard of Atlantis from priests who possessedknowledge from the earliest known sources. They told of a land beyond thePillars of Hercules (Strait of Gibraltar) that was lost to the Atlantic Ocean9,000 years before.

Edgar Cayce was prolific in carefullydocumented channeled sessions on Atlantis and people that he detected had livedprevious lives there. Cayce provides startlingly detail on this ancient landand its destruction.  Amazingly, many ofCayce's channeled revelations were later confirmed with scientific discoveriesafter his death!

Could Atlantis be where the early"chosen" human ancestors were taken by the Divine Designers?  The author contends it was in this isolated,pristine land that the spark of divinity - the soul, or the everlasting spirit- was added to the animal form and what we know as true human man was born.  TheseDivine Designers could have been truly divine - say the Angels of a traditionalGod; myths tell of Atlantis being home to Poseidon and his descendants. Someversions of Genesis describe Giants who found Earth women pleasing andmated with them.  If you are rooted in amore physical explanation, these Super Beings could have been advancedextraterrestrial Aliens who had visited the early earth for many millennia -watching & waiting until the time was ripe...  Best we can trace this "creation" eventdates it at approximately 100,000 years ago.

Our guardians watched over thesmall population of early "true men" for thousands of years in theisolated, paradise-like Atlantis.  There,the Divine Designers educated them, nurtured them to grow and explore.  The ability to use agriculture to enablepermanent settlements was started in Atlantis, as were advanced language andartistic skills. Early true menmultiplied across Atlantis; then, starting about 50,000 years ago smallvanguard parties of the true men began to move out into the wider earth wherethey initiated small outpost settlements. These ancient vanguards - our earliest true fathers - went out in manydifferent directions. Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East were the firstdestinations for establishing proto-civilizations.

As the years went by, moreparties departed Atlantis - to supplement and extend the populating of ourplanet.  The new settling parties went innew directions - venturing into North & South America including Mexico andCentral America. Others entered remote islands in the Pacific includingAustralia; some groups went to the same areas as previous settlers, to insure thata healthy population was developing.

Early true men from Atlantis,began to interbreed with suitable animalmen.  The results of their offspringwere mixed - some  of the offspringthrived and the divine spark burned bright in them.  Others retained a baser nature and lead to inferiorspecies or died out altogether.

As the Designers saw that their efforts were succeeding they set forces in motion that would eventually destroy all traces of Atlantis. The first destruction is traced to approximately 45,000 years ago when Atlantis was divided into five major islands. At 28,000 yearsago the earth's magnetic poles shift and the Ice Age begins. Complete destruction of Atlantis occurred 9 to 10 thousand years ago.

There is a tremendous volume ofconvincing evidence that supports the existence (and disappearance) ofAtlantis.  This body of evidence togetherwith the extremely rapid ascent and global diversification of modern man arguestrongly for Atlantis as the real Eden.  Thereare also the countless religious traditions and ancient myths that contain manyelements of this story.

For example consider just a few items:Why did modern humans emerge so quickly, after numerous hominid species existedfor millions of years with slow progress? Near identical flora and fauna exist oncontinents widely separated by oceans. Fossil remains of the camel are found in India, Africa, Kansas, and South America.  There are many similar exampleswhere fossil remains of similar species are found around the globe - how didthey cross the ocean barriers? The banana tree, native to Africa and Asia -with no seeds - how did it get to the Americas? The mid-Atlantic ridge has somethe highest peaks of any mountains on earth - remnants of the original Atlantisland mass?

 Mysterious cultural links abound; forinstance, the old language of Basque from early western Europe resembles theaboriginal languages of America. One third of the Mayan language is pure Greek.The first 13 letters of the Mayan alphabet resemble the Egyptian Hieroglyphs.Many Hebrew words resemble Chiapenecs language of Central America. Popul Vuh,book from Guatemalans, says all people originally spoke the same language, butit got altered as groups moved away from their homeland. When the Spaniards firstcame to America they were surprised that natives had similar religious customs,such as the worship of crosses, worship of a sun god, baptismal practices,fasting, confession, marriage, virgin mothers and communion. Finally we are allfamiliar with the archaic flood stories from many early civilizations.


One particular area that theauthor has studied extensively is the early use of Sound and Vibrational energyand the legacy of these vibratory healing secrets that are evident in manyancient civilizations - enduring even up to today. Amazing evidence existsrevealing that Atlanteans used sound for inducing trances, for connections withdivine spirits, to activate seeds for more plentiful crops, to createharmonious sounds to improve relationships, to terrify enemies, to contact theconsciousness of plants, to tame wild animals by telepathic communication, forhealing, and to create sacred spaces for the gods. These examples are only asmall part of the whole story. More time and study someday will remove alldoubts that Atlantis was real and served a critical role in the creation andemergence of humankind.


Aboutthe Author. Jill Mattson traces the role of vibratoryenergy in ancient civilizations - how sound and music were employed as powerfultools for a wide array of applications. She has written three books detailingthe lost secrets of ancient civilizations and their use of sound. Jill draws onher extensive research of modern Sound Healing, and 20+ year study of ancientcivilizations and secret societies in her music, lectures, workshops andwritings.

In addition toher writings, Jill Mattson is an artist, musician and widely recognized expertand composer in the exciting field of Sound Healing. The author reproducesancient mystical techniques with profound potential for growth andenlightenment in her original musical CD's. She has produced six CD's that combine intricate Sound Healingtechniques with intriguing, magical tracks that offer deep healingpossibilities.

Please visit herwebsites where you can learn more about her work.  Also available on the sites are free mp3's ofher Sound Healing compositions, including Solfeggio Tones, Star Energy, FlowerFrequencies, Fibonnaci and nature tones.



Jill Mattson hasspent the past 20 years researching Vibratory Sound Energy for healing and awide array of other remarkable uses (available in 3 books). She specializes inSound Secrets of Ancient Civilizations. Mattson composes and produces her ownCD's employing numerous Sound Healing techniques & energies + her originalmusical score.,,


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