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Don Conreaux
from: Don Conreaux
Category: Sound Healing


The objective of the performing Gong Master is to synthesize the inherent qualities attributed to the musical gong and allow it to spiritualize the space.

A forerunner of today’s solid-state technology, the gong’s innate intelligence comes from a chaotic amalgamation of diverse metallic crystals with seemingly no moving parts.

Its thin disc-shaped form is produced through melting or pressing chosen metals into a hot bond called an alloy and then hammered to produce a merging together of non-harmonic sound with a mystical voice.

This multi-unity of dissimilar crystals producing what is known as functional harmony is most noted for its fullness of tone and its suspended unpredictable resultant tones.

Functional Harmonic tones are neither discordant nor concordant and so they are referred to as non-harmonic.

The music of the gong produces a unique working together of these non-harmonic tones making spontaneous indefinite patterns in a dreamlike and seamless 4th dimensional sound field.

The Gong produces a motor like OM sound. It is like a motor or engine releasing a great power, a musical outpouring of fascinating tone chaos that is uniquely pleasing to the mind and pleasurably felt by the human body.

All tones naturally disappear along a path of ascending, yet diminishing overtones.

All upward rising natural overtones must succumb to a burning up process due to friction. The natural harmonics during their upward rise become ever weaker in volume and ever faster in frequency until disappearing, from the 3rd dimension, as though burnt out of fuel.

Any sound that is ‘fattened’, made fuller, and suspended in time, takes on a more holistic quality of resonance, continuously spilling more of itself into the acoustic volume of space until it attains its fullness potential.

Because a tone of fullness suspended in acoustic space feeds back upon itself, this looping of sound volume is called nesting and it finds its center of balance in a 4th Dimensional Space, in a non-dimension of No Time-ness.

Resultant tones are those overtones or non-harmonics that are begotten by mother/father tones merging equal amplitudes in the wholeness of an acoustic space.

These are space-filling tones that counteract the natural disintegration of diminishing overtones to give more of their tone progeny to the growing fullness as sound pressure waves.

The gonging gong causes the recursive embedding of tone waves or nesting. It is a chemistry of layers of overtones rather than a physics of melodic or harmonic overtones. This is why it is called non-harmonic. The dominance shifts to a fullness based on a multi-unity between suspended tone layers. Because there are no empty spaces between gong tones struck in succession, the consciousness is pulled in as the conditioned judgment is shifted to an altered dream state similar to daydreaming, lucid dreaming or contemplative pondering.

It is a unique attribute of the gong effect, which alters the conditioned mind of one’s personal intellect, called in yoga philosophy, the Ahamkar, or in modern psychology, our mask, persona or Ego Identity. We are released through gong tone saturation from Three Dimensional considerations inputting into the rational mind of the ego.

Another attribute of the gong’s non-harmonic music motor is that of biological growth that takes place amongst the tone cells that one feels and which is then mirrored in the listeners spindle neurons and brain cells.

The attributes of Nature’s main building block formula, the golden ratio is evoked by the gong through the mathematics of Summation Tones, as tone upon tone merges inside the sound mass. As the gong tones pass through the waters of the sea of sound it begets resultant tone cells that multiple according to the golden ratio.

The golden mean ratio of Phi 1.618…. brings these holistic resonant attributes:

Perfect Balance, Greatest Strength and Beauty, Least friction or Loss of Information, and Healthy Cell Mitosis.

The release of tone power of the gong tone production is responsible for a Neutral State or Witnessing Perspective the Yogis call Turiya and which is a Samadhi of Higher Contemplation. It is a sense that your consciousness center is everywhere and yet its circumference, nowhere.

Samadhi is the great healer because the innate consciousness is not obstructed in its recovery and repair by the rationalizing ego. Samadhi is the Superconducting Quantum State of Mind wherein the intuitive mind and the innate mind converge without friction.

To not have the mind collapse onto one version of reality, the disbelief mechanism we use in value judging must be suspended to allow us access to the Quantum or Turiya State.

Every time we have any thought, the quantum world collapses in our mind. When our judgment making is suspended we have consciousness without an object. We are super-conscient.

We are a traveling ‘standing’ wave that is Phi dominated like a perfect spiral. As the Phi ratio dominates the fluid gong field, it acts as a tunnel after the ego sheaths are removed from the Essential Self.

Continually, the field of quantum waters collapse again and again into dream areas of observation, but then through suspended disbelief, the river of gong waves dematerialize the essential self again.

A well-made movie or stage play controls our attention through a mystery of what’s Next? rather than Who Am I?

Our attentions, controlled by the ‘bouncing ball’ of a dream script in action, can be easily taken on a Guided Imagination Tour.

We become some body rather than no body using our mirror neurons in memories black holes.

People’s normal realities are seemingly controlled by a redundancy of life experiences and their interruptions.

If the ‘transvolutionary force’, put forth by Dane Rudhyar, could be like a gene that can be turned on in the human spirit, than a de-materialization of discordant memories in the black holes of no-time is possible through the extended harmony released by the gong genes of tone, holistically. When harmony becomes dissonance and dissonance becomes harmony simultaneously, Trans-Evolutionary Force is sensed as Holistic Resonance.

It is that vibration of fullness in which all space is filled with holistic tones and every tone cell massages every body cell in a multi-unity of functional harmony.

You can get there from here as long as here is there.

Through a shift of attention guided by a re-confirmed intention (or not), there is here and here is there in a but partly collapsed universe

Even the mind can not resist a well-played gong is a truth based on the assumption of transferred essence; one Idiophone to another

Something happens akin to sleep at night when the mind is totally saturated with Gong Tones.

The mind is turned back upon itself to replay the dream of life.

To control the dream of life we must first observe the observer of the dream of life.

Solutions to unsolvable problems are not found on the same level as the problems.

Powers, out of the ordinary, exist in the dream state where all possible parallel universes intermingle.

The feeling of levitation in the gong bath supports the conscious vertical movement to triadic thinking. The unresolved non-harmonic blend of tones shifts the attention to a new perspective for resolution.

When the self is in the chaotic waters of the ego-dream, it cannot control the dreaming of the ego, it can control only itself by observing itself.

It brings the free energy gained from this control back to the waking dream.

The waking dream is called a house of mirrors in which the empathy between humans is relayed via mirror neurons in the brain.

The experience is either negative or positive and this on/off binary system creates a social consciousness of like and not like selves.

One of my favorite gong songs is about the smile:

Smiling is infectious; you catch it like the flue

Someone smiled at me today and I started smiling too.

I walked around the corner and someone saw my grin

When he smiled I realized I passed it on to him.

I thought about that smile and realized its worth

A little smile, just like mine,

Could travel round the earth

So, if you feel a smile begin,

Don’t leave it undetected.

Lets start an epidemic quick and get the world infected.

Everyone needs a smile. Just pass it on to a friend.

The smile is the gateway out of the garden of remorse.

Almost all emotions are contagious and we mirror them all in our self-identity. This evolved power of mirroring was given to us at birth.

All breathing creatures have it. Even the reptile brain has it, the brain stem that lies beneath the common-to-all Cerebellum, our bioelectric quantum computer.

The mirror neuron circuit is vulnerable to the ‘through the glass darkly’ deception gene that has been used from day one on planet earth for the survival of the fittest.

How the creativity gene of deception is really used, determines one’s unfolding personal life drama.

All humankind’s citizens, as social entities act when there is no other viable choice. Sometimes it is not too late and disaster is avoided, sometimes not.

That is why a Rallying Cry,

“to act en’ mass” like the diverse metallic elements must behave in the mass of a gong as its tones vibrate. Dissimilar elements create the greatest brilliance and vibrancy because they are irresolvable on the material level.

 Believe that you got it

because you already have it.

You got in your blood some Salt!

The salt that brings out Great Spirit

Through our own human will.


“From now on War is not allowed!

In a compassionate society, the first priority is supplying the needs of the poorest. Thus, War is obsolete. It is no longer considered viable as a way to nurture peace and cooperation. Especially when the planet itself is in peril.

We have chosen Altruism in its lesser and greater meanings at the fork in the road that leads to a wise compassionate humankind and not the road of a reptilian descendent in modern self-interest attire.

All efforts now everywhere are to heal the wounds of our mother earth.

Everyone knows that anything less will not do. You soon will not know anyone who doesn’t agree about this priority.


Mirror Genes in the Mirror Neuron Network may come to the rescue through empathy but even the mirror neuron-network itself needs self-healing to protect from burnout.

The gong deep sound bath is a support of regeneration to this network.

When at last the dark glass of ego is lifted and the house of mirror neurons are cleaned, one’s faith in one’s self is renewed.

The gong eases the suffering with a drink of human kindness from a cup of tone that is overflowing.

The gong may be likened to a Satya Guru whose holistic OM sound is fullness, total resonance and overwhelming presence.

We can mirror this through the sensing of a stronger human spirit. It is called “Darshan” or resonating to the greater CHI.

The gong is a teacher and what it teaches cannot be written beforehand. Just as the notes of the gongs over tonal melody cannot be written down on sheet music, so the instructions of how to play it well are discovered in the doing, once the gong is invited to ‘sound’.

To have ‘darshan’ is to soak up the Chi of a greater potency than your own. It is like personally playing the gong for your own self where the listening is most close up.

Light becomes sound when the mirror neurons are relieved of outside visual input and the inner presence of sound is sensed and revealed.

When this happens, it causes a relaxation response in the brain and the mirror neurons are refreshed.

The role of empathy neurons is to increase the spread of human kindness and the wisdom of altruism instead of the intensification of negative emotions.

A ‘common sense’ of this is emerging rapidly within the 7 billion or so family of us humankind.

Will compassion overtake ‘senselessness’?

The gong’s prolific reproduction of tone causes a mixing of the senses, interrupting through forced resonance the business as usual neuron activity.

At the hub of the revolving wheel of time is ‘timelessness’ or the inner tone space of time.

This out of time feeling is found inside of time when time as usual is interrupted and suspended through the mixing of the outer senses. This alteration is called “synesthesia”.

The blanket of the sound of the gong leads the consciousness toward awareness of itself being aware. This removes the obstruction of the intellect/ego that thrives on dualism.

Triadic thinking is ‘both and’ not ‘either or’. Polarizing value judgments are relinquished and the fullness of compassion and calmness increases within.

The holistic resonance that nourishes the mirror neurons and purifies the circuitry does so through washing away the soiled awareness of rational polarized thinking.

To tell nothing but the Truth, “Wisdom is the greatest healer because it is the very Source of Healing”.

A sense of wisdom comes through the sense of compassion and this knowing is transmitted by the gong through telepathic resonance and reflected by clear mirror neurons.

Rite of Passage is a ‘becoming re-born’ initiation and when looked at on a linear level you find ‘you cant get there from here’ but on a non-linear level you are ‘already there’. The metamorphic shift shaping from adolescent to puberty is a blossoming into fullness and this happens out of time at the very hub of timelessness.

The mythical concept is that the Great Wheel of Time, called the Maha Chakra of the Universe, revolves around a hub of timelessness. This Maha Chakra is also called the Great Universal Gong of Life which through the initial bang caused by the of will or mallet of the great gong master in the sky (the Akasha) there was sent forth the primal rotational power of 4th dimensional time expressed in the 3rd dimension.

The gong is neutral, out going, empty yet full. It is a great engine that synthesizes the diverse into functional harmony. As millions of tones blossom into acoustical fullness, so do the listening brain’s neural circuits.

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