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Narayana Grace
Category: Sound Healing

Birth Notes

Do You Have A Special BIRTH NOTE ?

Every week someone has a birthday. During your experiences or research into the healing effects of sound you may have come across the idea of a ‘birth note’ or ‘soul note’, or been told that everybody has their own special note.

This is an interesting topic, and as it is my birthday I thought I’d share my thoughts on it. With my sound training I was given a set of frequencies that matched with the star signs. My note was D sharp, or it could also be called E flat. Within each star sign day, the frequency of that note sharpens or flattens according to where it sits in the month. I have found that note to be one that I instinctively toned on a regular basis, (after testing myself with a tuner). You can try this yourself – if you are musically inclined and have the tuner or an instrument to hand.

Just sit quietly in meditation or contemplation and clear your mind. Ask your higher self to give you a note to sing that is right for you. Trust your voice. Don’t judge the sound and make sure you start with no expectations of what that sound might be.

 If you are not a musician or find it difficult to sing…don’t worry. You may have difficulty sustaining a note and keeping it on pitch, but using your voice in this way is always a useful journey guaranteed to bring you more peace and a better quality of silence and relaxation afterwards.

Once you have established a tone which feels nice, right, comfortable, just gradually build up your stamina by toning it on a regular basis before or during meditation. I find this brings me to balance and helps me connect to my body and keep me grounded. Your voice is a muscle and it can be trained to develop stamina and clarity, with a good voice instructor.

If you are interested in developing your voice for sound healing, and want to know a little more about my teaching philosophy, you can go to:

Happy Birthday to all Cancerians out there this month!


Karen Grace



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