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Brexit: The Hidden Cost To Soundworkers

At the end of 2020 a deal was done with the EU; a very poor, light-weight deal. Whether you are a Leaver or Remainer you will probably be thinking that this outcome was not what I was expecting when the result of the referendum was announced in 2016.

Someone shortly afterwards said "Brexit Means Brexit". Well, whatever that meant at the time we're finding out just exactly what that means now. The headlines of the deal promised 'no barriers' to trade with the EU. So it has come as a surprise to many businesses that they are now finding it difficult or even impossible to trade with their EU market.

The result for musicians and soundworkers is astonishly bad. It means a bleak future for many of us in the coming months and years as a result of leaving the EU with such a poor deal.

During negotiations the EU offered limited freedom of movement to British musicians in exchange for the same for EU musicians touring the UK. Negotiators failed to reach agreement leaving UK musicians high and dry!

Leaving the situation unresolved is a monstrous dereliction of duty. Apart from the effect on musicians' careers just think of the loss of earnings and the loss of tax revenue.  The music industry is a massive UK export on top of which it provides enormously to the UK's reputation abroad. 

It looks very likely that this will not be resolved in hurry. This is not a trivial issue. It applies not just to the top performers but everyone at whatever level. It applies to yoga holidays in Europe run by UK teachers. If you're a UK based facilitator wanting to run a Gong workshop in France for example it applies to you. This is now so damaging to UK musicians and on

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