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undefinedWorking intimately with the crystal dimensions, Jen has a deep understanding of the powerful healing energies of the crystal bowls on emotional, spiritual and cellular levels. She delivers powerful workshops, performances, 1-1 sessions, and retreats, combining prayer, visualisation, journey, meditation, toning and singing with her crystal singing bowls in harmonic frequencies.

Crystal Singing Bowls can be used for soul retrieval, opening the heart, reconnecting with Spirit, opening the chakras, clearing stuck energies, shifting toxins or negative energies, freeing the voice, and sending intentions and prayers out into the world. Working with the breath and the voice allows an integration of the high vibrational energy of the crystal bowls, where the receiver may experience deep levels of healing, relaxation and insight. Vocal Nectar's sessions are an opportunity to realign with our higher purpose; to access our deepest wounds and our primordial soul song; allowing deep transformation and healing to take place.

Crystal healing is the science of sacred geometry and sound. By nature of its perfected geometric state, quartz has the ability to amplify, magnify, focus, store and transmit; and in this way energies from the crystal will find their way to any areas that need healing; whether areas within the body, or people and/or places on the planet.  Being non invasive, yet extremely penetrating, one does not have to believe in order for the crystal tones to reach deep into the cells; although being open will allow the sound access into deeper areas.

Quartz is the most universally present crystal, found in outer space as well as within the  body. Our bodies, made of 80% water, naturally contain crystalline structures.

Certain glands within the body, including the pineal gland, are crystalline in shape. Our cells, down to the molecular level, are also a crystalline structure. Quartz crystals naturally resonate with these structures inside us and the tones from the bowls can literally realign the crystalline structure within the body; enabling healthy instructions and positive impulses to transmit more clearly through the body.

In this way, crystal bowls have the power to disable negative energy in a very strong way. After a session some thoughts may vanish or disappear, as the crystal vibration brings everything into crystalline alignment. In this state of connectedness, thought forms  can become more clear and focussed, allowing you to work creatively to change your life.

Thought-forms are energy and intention is a focussed thought. Due to their transmissive nature, crystals have the power to amplify our intentions. When the energy from our thought interacts with the crystal tones, our thoughts or intentions are changed to more harmonic forms, which can alter brainwave frequencies.

This is why it is important to set and hold an intention when working with crystals and crystal bowls, and also why manifestation using the Crystal bowls can be very powerful.

Because crystal is universally present, including inside us, the resonant tones from the crystal bowls will be transmitted wherever we set our intention, and, being very high vibrational ‘light’ energy, the tones will find their way to where they are most needed.

Pure tones from the Singing Bowls purge blockages and toxins from the cells, enabling them to vibrate at their optimum frequency. Opening to the resonant tones, realigns the crystalline structure, enabling positive impulses through the body, harmonising our cells and our organs, where our bodies can be restored to well being.

The bowls re-attune us to our own natural resonance, tone or frequency, realigning us with the harmonic song of the Universe. 

From dispelling negativity and stale energy from the body to opening portals for manifestation, and to send prayers out into the world, Crystal energy is all about alignment; reaching our optimum potential. Crystal wakes up our potential and starts buzzing at us, like a memory that is already there. The more we open our bodies, hearts and minds to the crystal bowls, the more we are allowing for deep transformative healing, from a cellular level to a soul level; providing opportunities for release and healing on physical, cellular, emotional and spiritual levels.

During a session, you may notice intense shifts in energy. You may even change outdated belief systems and negative thought processes that no longer serve you.

As the crystal bowls open and realign our endocrine glands or ‘chakras', light pours into our energetic body; and as a channel of love and light, we become the initiators of our own inner healing.

The body heals itself most effectively in a state of deep relaxation. The entire body, including our brain waves in a relaxed state, vibrates at a fundamental frequency of about 8Hz, so in a deep meditative state, the bowls literally re-attune us to the electromagnetic field of the earth itself!

When you attend a Vocal Nectar session you are invited to express yourself vocally in any way you feel. Singing with the bowls may access a deep, primordial, unsung voice; our shamanic calling, or soul song; allowing us to resonate with our ancestors voices that can often be heard singing with the beautiful tones.

Singing Bowls offer profound healing on a deep physical, emotional and soul level. Be prepared for an extraordinary healing journey where anything can happen!

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