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Celebrating Don G. Campbell’s Life (1947 – 2012) An Obituary

undefined   Don G. Campbell of Boulder, Colorado, an authority on the transformative power of music, classical pianist and organist, author of 23 books, beloved friend and teacher of thousands worldwide, passed on, peacefully, on Saturday June 2nd 2012. He was 65.

   His output spans music, health, education and creativity, and includes, “The Mozart Effect” and his last great work, “Healing at The Speed of Sound” with Alex Doman.

   Don’s remarkable life, his wisdom & musical presence will continue to resound through our lives.

   Here is a glimpse of his vision: 

   "Beauty, expression and harmony are timeless. As we move forward in the twenty-first century, let us hear the mathematical structure of music underlying the chaos and cacophony of our cities. Let us counter the war songs with transcendent chant and song. Let us open our ears to tunes sung in the darkness of night, and celebrate the radiant sounds of the ancient hymns, chants and ballads. Whoever we are, in whatever city or nation in the world, each of us has a unique song to sing, a voice with which to express the joy we experience in our lives. With music we can join with others and, together, bring harmony and health to this world"    Don Campbell - Healing at the Speed of Sound

Don’s singular life mission was to help return music to a central place in the modern world.

He began his professional career as a music critic and teacher at St. Mary's International School in Tokyo. During the 1980s, he worked on the staff of Choristers Guild in Dallas, coordinating national and international choral music events. A native of San Antonio, Texas, his love of music began with the United Methodist Church. He spent his teen years in Europe, studying classical music at the Fontainebleau Conservatory in France. Don studied piano under the great musician-philosopher, Nadier Boulanger, in Paris.

undefined"Don spent much of his life bestowing gifts -- the gift of friendship, the gift of laughter and, more than anything, the gift of opening our hearts and minds to the transformative power of music. I am grateful that his generous and life- affirming spirit will continue to animate our experience of the divine through the arts." Michael Butterman, music director of the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra.

As performer, teacher and luminary, Don has touched the hearts and lives of many people from all walks of life, age, culture and creed. His direct, humorous and compelling story-telling manner, was powerfully demonstrated in his live presentations as well as his books, making the healing power of sound infinitely accessible to all. Don’s multi-faceted understanding  - sourced from an in-depth research of the ancient science and art of sound  -  will continue to inspire those of us who were blessed to share his great passion for the evolving role of sound and voice within energy medicine, new biology, science, cosmology & the healing arts.

Influential in the evolution of music therapy as a field of practice and study, Don Campbell founded the Institute of Music, Health and Education in Boulder in 1988 and lectured worldwide, serving as its director until 1997. He later served as director of the Sound & Music Institute at the New York Open Center.

"Don was an innovator in the field of therapeutic sound and music. As a teacher and leader of countless workshops and presentations in the USA and around the world, Don taught many of today's leading proponents in this field. Through their teaching and application of his vision, Don's legacy will continue to inspire future generations for many decades to come." (Wendy Young, current director of the New York institute).

Don Campbell was also involved with Aesthetic Audio Systems, which worked with hospitals and other healthcare systems to design and install music systems to optimize healing. The American Music Research Center at the University of Colorado is now creating the Don Campbell Collection to house his many books, videos, DVDs and documents, including the source material for "The Mozart Effect" and "Healing at the Speed of Sound." The collection also will include 200 private letters from his teacher, music pedagogue Nadia Boulanger. His books "The Mozart Effect" and "The Mozart Effect for Children" were bestsellers and have been translated into 24 languages. The accompanying "Music for the Mozart Effect" recordings dominated the Billboard Classical charts for more than three years.

Donations may continue to be made to the Don Campbell Fund, payable to the CU Foundation, at the American Music Research Center, University of Colorado College of Music, 301 UCB, Boulder, 80309.

Some recent tributes for Don:

* He is a constant presence in my heart and mind. While I am deeply saddened, I know that Don is moving forward on his journey in light and grace. (Alex Doman, co-author, “Healing at the Speed of Sound”) 

*Don Campbell was a rare soul whose devotion to the holy sound and human transformation cut the trail for many of us in the areas of sound and music therapy. (Christine Stevens, founder of Upbeat Drum Circles) 

*Though I met Don only once I will never forget him and his legacy to humanity. Though he was a genius it was clear he possessed great humility by the manner in which he shared his great gifts. (John Stuart Reid, co-creator of the Cymascope)

*We had the privilege of seeing Don on Saturday at the Louisville Hospice. We sang to him and bathed him in Light. As you know, between the two of us we have known our beloved brother for over 70 years! He is being guided on this journey to the next realm of consciousness with the greatest Love imaginable! Blessings of Light & Love through Sound to Don and All. (Jonathan and Andi Goldman)

* Love dear Don on behalf of Sounds True.(Jennifer Brown, Acquisitions Editor, Sounds True)

*Yesterday, I graduated my 2012 Sound and Music Healers class. I dedicated the whole ceremony with lots of people and music, and tears to Don. We also shared a fertile and profound silence. I read many passages of his books. We honored Don as the lineage holder and gatekeeper. In heart and manifestation. (Silvia Nakkach, Vox Mundi, California Institute of Integral Studies)

*Dear Don, thank you so much for blessing my life with long conversations and beautiful vibrations. You will be missed but the world has been enriched by your gifts. In gratitude. (Peggy Black, Sound Salutarist)

* I am so grateful to share in my old friend's passing with such a grand wisdom community of sound healers & musicians. (Pat Moffit-Cooke, The Open Ear Centre) 

* I have been feeling Don’s presence a lot…..quite stunningly bright. (Lisa Rafel, Sound and Music Alliance.SAMA)

* Sending you, Don and your family all my thoughts, gratitude and loving prayers for peaceful transitions. (Katie Rose,The Rose Window UK)

*My heartfelt thanksgiving to the visionary pioneer of Sound Healing who was truly instrumental and an inspiration in leading me forward with my own work with sacred sound. (Faith Challinor-Wheatley) 

“Music is a holy place, a cathedral so majestic that we can sense the magnificence of the universe.” (Don Campbell). May we join and SING, so that the song and music that Don radiates from the Universe, will be even more magnificent. With love & song. (Daniela)

*Don is gone from the Earth Plane, but he is eternally present in spirit. His song is everywhere. Love and light (Judy Ling, sacred poet) 

* Unique friend. I am so blessed to have spent those two weeks with you before your passing. An epiphanal moment. We, your sound & soul friends, your collaborators and students of transformative sound and voice, we honour you, your legacy, and will continue listening and evolving the courageous conversations, inspired by the unique light you have shone in the world. Light before you, Light behind you, Light beneath you, Light above you, Light all around you, beloved Don”  (Chloe Goodchild, founder,The Naked Voice)

For more tributes to Don Campbell, please go to

A memorial service for Don was held at 3 p.m. June 13th at St. John's

Episcopal Church, 1419 Pine St., Boulder. A recording of this service was made. Inquiries to Helena Wald, from July.


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