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Christmas Message from Joanie Solaini UK Acutonics Practitioner

This holiday message was written by Joanie Solaini, Certified Acutonics® Practitioner and Teacher residing in the UK and offering Acutonics workshops.

The holidays are here again--do we run for the hills or greet them with pleasure?
Whether our reaction is joy or dread, it is a time of year when we tend to look back and reflect.  The holidays make an easy reference point from which to assess our lives--another end of the year, another office party--what has gone on in the meantime?  We don’t get it easy, mind you, there is a dense cluster of holidays at this time of year, starting for us with the American celebration of Thanksgiving at the end of November.
The flurry of holidays from various traditions attests to the fact that we need these celebrations, we need to mark significant events, and to remind ourselves of the values we hold dear.  And it is particularly useful to do it at a time when cycles end and new ones begin.  The Winter Solstice is next week when the Earth begins to tilt, ever so slowly, back towards the Sun.  New Year is soon after and we can welcome with relief the year 2010--just two different ways of measuring cycles--planetary shift and Roman calendar (perhaps it took the Romans 10 days to recover from celebrating the solstice before they could manage to turn the page on their calendar.)  Each planet, each cycle has its frequency, and many influences converge at this time of year in what might feel like a pretty dissonant tone cluster buzzing through and around us.  If we don’t find it disturbing ourselves, everyone else seems to, and frenzy is in the air.  What to do...opt for prolonged gentle inebriation, go for the grumpy attack, or settle in for a mild bout of depression as our efforts go unappreciated?  We dream of consequence in all aspects of our lives and dread the dissonance--could that be right?
Perhaps we could see dissonance as a gateway, and begin to appreciate the opportunity of renewal it brings.  Dissonance can break up old patterns, help us identify where an imbalance exists, and can motivate us to address an issue.  Dissonance can help us see where we need to let go, can give us a swift kick up the backside to move us on, give us a boost of energy for growth, or make it clear where an adjustment needs to be made in order to move towards consonance.  We may not experience dissonance with pleasure, but it can be a very positive thing, and if not actually welcome it, we can at least pay attention.
Another way to approach challenging times is to look to our close neighbors,  Venus and Mars.  In the Acutonics system, their frequencies form a beautiful consonant interval of a 5th--the first differentiated tone in the overtone series, and the easiest gateway into related musical keys.  In the last SoundTravels newsletter, Ellen Franklin wrote about the success of the use of Mars and Venus frequencies in agricultural experiments in the challenging environment of northern New Mexico.  But we ourselves are in times every bit as challenging as an extreme environment, and we, too, can benefit from the perfect gestalt of Venus and Mars--perhaps not to pollinate and germinate ourselves, but to take advantage of the beautiful balance of feminine and masculine, yin and yang, internal and external, right hemisphere and left hemisphere, awareness of those around you combined with individual assertiveness and protection of boundaries.  Mars can help bolster our courage to make changes illuminated by dissonance.  Venus can help soften the effect.  They form a heart/head connection that brings us into an alignment with ourselves.  And if we are in coherence, our perception of what seems to be a difficult dissonant environment begins to shift as well.
So it might be that this season we do welcome the holidays after all, turning from the collective frenzy and appreciating the treasures on offer:  regeneration, reconnection, rebirth, stillness, hope and renewal.  It is true that every moment can be a catalyst for change, but this time of year seems to be more conducive to it than others.  Allow the renewing effect of dissonance to show you where attention is needed, and then look to those helpful neighbors, Mars and Venus, and start 2010 less with finishing 2009’s to-do list, and more with a whole new vision.

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