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Colour creates the space through which Sound can flow-

‘I have always been a musician first, who later, trained as an acupuncturist and became a sound researcher. I see the body as a harp, with acupuncture meridians as the strings, waiting to be played.’……..

This is an exert from my new book, The Tao of Sound available for pyrchase in the Uk, from Carrie Mitchell (07814036314 or

Chi is the vital essence of life. It keeps everything moving with vibration. When there is no chi, there is no life. Chi runs through channels within the  body called meridians. These channels are like empty river beds, through which chi can run. If the riverbed is open, the chi flows feely. If the meridian is too tense, the chi cannot flow. Healing happens when Conciousness and chi come together. In acupuncture, the Masters say that the first needle cures the spirit. The second gives knowledge to nourish the body. ….

My Classical tuning Fork Techniques are based on my Japanese training. The tail of the fork stays on the surface of the skin, stimulating the acupuncture meridian inside the physical body and then the organs, while the vibration of the fork sends a message to the subtle fields- opening the way for Conciousness to be received, as well as dissolving any crystalisations of negative energy. Specifically, the tuning fork clears the etheric body with chi and the astral (emotional) body with sound. Then the light through a pen light, I shine the fundamental colour of each element to fix the sound.

In ancient times, when an acupuncturist inserted a needle, a direct channel to cosmic energy was created. Now, with electronic frequencies polluting the airwaves, there is no pure channel to the Universe. The colour light creates an energetic space through which the chi of the Tuning fork can flow. The overtones from the fork create a river of vibration through which the energies of the Universe can travel.

A perfect resonance is created inside and outside the body. My forks are ten times faster than needles because the vibration of Sound travels faster than the vibration of needles. (The degree of integration varies with the temperament of the person.)

Normally the speed of chi runs through a meridian at 0.5 microns per second (Motoyama). In Traditional Chinese medicine, it is common practice to leave needles thirty minutes on the point. A steel tuning fork takes no more than three minutes. The new generation’s conciousness may be more tuned to sound.

Acupuncture Command Points, when used with non-invasive tuning forks, are self regulating. This means that if the point doesn’t need vibration, it will push it back. If it needs it, it will absorb the sound. This is not the case with needles. Needles are more like electronic sound. If it is left too long, needles can deplete the energy of the organs. Not so with tuning forks. And let’s not forget the most important thing: tuning forks don’t hurt!

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