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Congratulations to Sound Travels!

Congratulations to the Sound Forum for a successful first year of providing a platform for sharing information and inspiration. Thank you!

On behalf of Hawkwood College, I‘d like to acknowledge the contribution that Forum members Stefan Cartwright ,James D’Angelo, Susan Elizabeth Hale and Tobias Kaye make to our course programme. James has been coming each year since 2002 and his courses in The Healing Power of Vocal Sound, with a firm basis in scholarship and personal practice, are always well received. Stef is continuing with his training series The School of Creative Music Making (formerly Music Another Way) in 2011 with Living Sound (April), Finding the Voice (June), Rhythms of Life (September) and Intuitive Music (October). This initiative is definitely taking root and brings a lovely quality of play and experimentation. Tobias Kaye will be offering Tree Star and Song of the Heart again in 2011, having tested the waters successfully in June this year. Susan Hale will return to give a workshop in the Spring - Enchanting the Land: Tuning to the Heart of Nature . We will also run a new one-day course in June with Hang and Udu with Barry Mason and Lina Lotto. All these courses will be listed in our new 2011 brochure, due for publication in November. Best wishes, Katie Lloyd-Nun

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