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Corona Virus Blues

Research shows that Music Medicine is a Powerful Antidote

English acoustic-physics pioneer, John Stuart Reid, explains how Music Medicine can banish the blues (and fear) associated with the corona virus, while boosting our immune system to help vanquish any pathogen.

It's natural to have low spirits (the blues) and to feel fear when we sense that our security or way of life may be threatened. Fear is Nature's way of urging us to take action and, fortunately, Nature has evolved a clever system that engages automatically within us to help save us from threats, as I will soon explain.

There's just one little stumbling block: the system was designed only for acute fear; Nature, it seems, didn't anticipate chronic fear.  The corona virus situation is not the stereotypical saber-tooth tiger from which we can quickly run and hide. We can't run or hide from a virus, or protect ourselves from the associated socio-economic repercussions. And while watching or reading the news keeps us informed of the worldwide crisis, it is also likely to keep us in fear of the invisible viral threat, day after day, week after week...more

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