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Cymascope App to Help Profoundly Deaf Children Appreciate Music

We are developing an app for iPhone and iPad which makes visible the first 40 notes of the piano keyboard.

Far beyond its ability to entertain people we believe it offers an important new way to assist profoundly deaf children to
appreciate music. We are joined in that belief by a London Centre that works with hearing-impaired children and with
children with ASD, Cerebral Palsy and other challenges. They are very interested in running a study with the app.

We have self funded the building of the app but we are looking for funding support for the development of a vibratory pad
that converts music to vibrations, to bolster the sensory experience offered by the app.

If you haven’t seen it there is a short demonstration of it on the CymaScope YouTube channel:

(please scroll down to the last item when you reach our channel)

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