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Don Conreaux
from: Don Conreaux
Category: Sound Healing

From Don's Desk

This letter is in regard to all potential Starhenge Garden Builders.undefined

A universe is constructed through templates of geometric possibilities in the functional consciousness of the one great Major Domo, the Cosmic Diamond Buddha Mind. We reflect this Master Chef as we synthesize matters into plates of food for thought.

All planetary companions like us abound, enjoying the gift of creative consciousness as we put together our worlds within and our world out there.

In this regard the higher human mind that one which is trans-conflictive resides in each of our cerebral cortexes and is responsible for our creative or triadic mental capabilities. This, is our 3rd Eye and through it we can contemplate relationships in the Starhenge Garden, or what we might call The Calendar Templates of Potentiality.

And, when we grasp anew their underlying inter-connectedness, our lifelong constantly emerging pre-frontal neurons blossom into the flower of Holistic-resonance and inspired Intuition.

Each diverse individual micro-universes share one common ground of being, the All in One; One in All. That which delineates us can also separate us in earthly existence,

What blocks our desired  functional harmony of Universal Humanity in part is our isolated various local calendars which shape the goings-on of its local adherents or those within the territorial umbrella of each calendar’s influence.

In an alchemical sense, if a garden were truly of Eden, it would be inclusive, a love for our differences as gifts to share. The Starhenge Templates give us that garden potential wherein equality of manifestation is available.

Imagine a Starhenge garden that nests within itself, housed within a metaphoric dome of vibrancy and holding within its latent field of dreams a multi-dimensional functionality that vibrantly co-exists in micro and macro.

The omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient gifts within the synthesis of Starhenge’s sacred geometry are results of the PHI ratio, the spiral spine of manifestation and which has as well universal gears of synchronicity in which we are all linked together. We say that the gifts therein bequeath us with holistic-resonance and “omni-functional” harmony.

When a visitor arrives in this garden; say in the evening, the planted garden moves and revolves against the clear darkness of a starlight sky, and there is a presence of an inter-dimensional sharing that is sensed by the visiting within the underlying templates of the garden-whole.

This tangible presence is called the over-abiding spirit of the garden. Every garden is home all to inhabitants of our multi-verse with all in communion with it, wherever they may be around the world.

The growing world network of Global Starhenges Gardens works synchronously in holistic togetherness. Yet each one individually exists unto itself as a sacred place of true world peace and each has its own selection of templates all manifesting a functional harmony that is transferable to the visiting human beings.

Each new placement of a garden magically exists within the garden of the others.

As of this year of 2015 there are 10 such gardens dedicated to the materialization of the First Day of World Peace in which there is a dis-continuance of inhumane violence within all diverse sectors of humanity.

There is in each garden mandala, a directional template that is like map of the world underlying the floor of the garden allowing for accurate pranic transmissions of love and healing to be projected directly worldwide by those visiting.

A psycho-spiritual rainbow effect is produced by the aesthetics of a hidden  architecture based upon the unity shared by the diverse calendars. This synthesis of diversity optimally functions in dynamic oneness overriding the thoughts all, and acting as “a bridge over troubled waters”.undefined

All cities pertinent are in one template in the garden. Each city considered a ‘node’ in the garden is in a precise geometric placement.  It looks like from an overhead view a sky full of geographic stars. Around the garden’s main city star map circle can also be 12 smaller circles. These are star constellations which hold a unity with other cities and their local gardens based upon city distances of like-latitude and longitude.undefined

The dissonant harmonic chord that power the garden music is that of the Minor Sixth and the Augmented Fourth are related in so far as the Min 6th is the most neutral/line of least resistance and the Tritone is the most separating/levitational. Around these two positions all of beauty dances around the Perfect 5th resting.

The potent field of togetherness is based upon the transformation of like-distances to any of the12 constellations of color-coding.

The geomantic rules for this alchemy are included in the “Starhenge in a Suitcase” Instructions.

This is only one of the templates, but it is very important for functional peace and healing ceremonies of whole-world considerations. Centering the consciousness of the entire Globe within the individual garden is something nourishing for all and especially the children.

It has been seen to be appropriate for a Gong Master of Ceremonies be responsible for the placing and keeping of gardens in each country.

Another level in the garden would be the non-local template of countries and their major nodes geometrically placed and also color coded within the ‘walls of the world’.

Again this is for centering places within the geography of the garden dome world.

Other templates are useful for other observations and applications. Those more of a divination nature involve the comparative study between our world’s diverse calendars and their analogical correspondences in order to derive fresh meaning and wisdom/guidance.

Suspending the reptilian nature around the planet is to tame the dragon of self-destruction. When a certain number of the 7+billion residing in present day bodies join together in functional harmonic resonance, the collective quantum shift to a non-violent society will manifest. Peace through Art will be realized.

The sounding gong as in also the gong tone of life is the sound alchemical instrument to exorcise violence from the amygdala of the Homo Sapien and creating the synapses of the New “Homo Luminous Spiritualis” now emerging on the planet.

As a working forward -  projection in time, we would like to see every country if not city having a Starhenge garden of functional harmony with synchronous celebrations of a world that works together and shares human kindness.

Somewhere, sometime there will be a quantum shift and the world will be as one.

All to the good,


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