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Deep within us all

Deep within us all there is a well, from which, when we are still we can drink. This brings awareness to a  thirst that we never knew we had, one the humanity is forever seeking to quench.

I had a session recently with an older woman over 80 who had never done any work with me, never ever thought of contemplating an inner awareness, and had never tuned into her body. It was a profoundly beautiful session… Made even more interesting by the fact that she was quite hard of hearing :-), So it behoved me to be extra clear and enunciating :-)

So in we went… She closed her eyes, we put on the track Space from Ancient Sands, and we entered the doorway of her inner world. Understand that she had never ever closed her eyes to do something like this, never listened to music in this way before and certainly had never tuned into her body. Her main ongoing comment was… This is different!, and I have never felt this before. She was relaxing more and more, and it was very beautiful to feel and to see. As we spoke, she said she could feel my voice resonating in her body, and this was a real key to her tuning into her body, and feeling her voice in her body… she started to connect more and more deeply.

When we neared the end of the session, I asked her to keep her eyes closed.  When I asked her how she felt I could see that she was searching for words. So I just asked 'if your body could speak now what would it say?'… And she said… 'At last!’  And then we joked about 'what took so long.'

And from this came the reflection as written above… that is, humanity, so many of us, are not even aware that all of the actions that we play out in this world are forever seeking to quench the thirst that can only be assuaged by connecting to this well of divine truth and love that is within us all.

The palette that we often draw on to keep this insatiable search going in the guise of the happiness, success, winning, bliss facade that always leaves us empty.  Unless we actually turn our awareness within, we will be on this unsustainable treadmill for all of our lives,  but when we do turn and meet the riches within, our body can finally say… At Last.

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