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from: Fabien Maman

Dissonant Discussion

Tama Do Academy uses Dissonance as one of our key techniques. When the body has manifested crystallizations that become lumps, bumps, rigidity or tumors etc then dissonant sound (two Tuning Forks of consecutive notes, with 1/2 a tone interval eg C# & D) will help to break these down when placed on the body. 

Fabien Maman''s cell research showed that within a laboratory, abnormal cells (he used cancer cells) could not withstand dissonant sound and would explode, yet healthy cells were flexible enough to allow dissonant sound to pass through them and leave them unchanged. When the healthy cells recognized their Fundamental note (each person has one) they expanded into a beautiful Mandala containing complementary colours.
So while dissonant sound maybe difficult to listen to, it helps to diminish the adherence when used directly on the body, as we do when we use Tuning Forks placed on precise acupuncture points. 

On the other hand, the aura always positively responds to subtle acoustic sounds, played in harmonious intervals rather than dissonance. Most people believe that the chakras respond to consecutive notes (C, D, E, F etc) but one could argue that when you play these consecutive notes, up through the chakras, you are in fact playing dissonant notes as the sounds overlap. Does dissonance feel empowering and expanding ? 

Fabien Maman suggests that using a Cycle of fifths creates an essential interval that allows even more healing to occur. When you hear the cycle of fifths, working up the chakras, the progression is very empowering and expansive. Try it for your self (a fifth interval is 7 keys on the piano). When we experience an effect, we appreciate its wisdom !

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