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Michelle Nova
Category: Voicework

Don’t be afraid to Sing! It is your own vibrational healing.

As a singing teacher, I understand that there are many different reasons why people want to sing. They want to find out if they have a voice. Can they sing in tune? Will it give them more self-confidence? Can it improve their asthma? Can it help them give up smoking? They just want to sing in the bathroom. Could they become a professional singer or join a choir?  These are just a few reasons why people want to sing. I have heard so many times “I wish I could sing.” “I can’t sing a note.” “I was told to stop singing at school because I sounded like a foghorn”.  These thoughts and feelings stay with you for life and will affect your mental and physical health if not addressed.

Over my 30yrs of teaching singing, it has gradually become more of a therapy. Sadly, we are judged by the first sound that comes out of our mouth, whether it be speaking or singing. Our voice portrays who we are, how we are feeling and can give away our secrets. The Sufi Indians call it ‘The Divine Art’. The voice is the most powerful of vibrations because it is within us. We are music and become in tune with the whole of creation. Our voice is the essence of who we are and is the natural way to heal ourselves and others.

I began as a singer, singing teacher and conductor and am now also being asked to teach how to use the healing power of the voice. Our voices have many colours within the vibrations, which we connect to our chakra points when we sing. My breath work has come out of my study of Bel Canto technique with breathing and developing the vibration of the hum through the third eye. It is unique and creates the most powerful vibrations through the body using the voice and sacred vowels.

I love the children’s song ‘I can sing a rainbow’ because we literally do sing a rainbow. Every note has its own vibrational speed which becomes a colour and when we sing, it puts us back into harmony (colour) rather than being off-colour.

So, don’t be afraid to sing out loud because everyone can sing!


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