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Embrace the Energy of the Sun—The Star We Know Best

"The Sun, with all the planets revolving around it, and depending on it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as though it had nothing else in the Universe to do."                    Galileo Galilei

The winter presents us with an incredible opportunity to tap into the knowledge, power, and wisdom of the water element and to work on personal imbalances, especially emotional issues that relate to fear, will, and memory, and our divine blueprint. Even if you can’t get away to a warm beach this winter there are ways to embrace the warming and generative energy of the sun to counter some of the things that we experience during these long, damp, cold winter months.

In Oriental Medicine when we think about winter we think about returning to the root, it is a time to go inward. This time of year also provides us with an opportunity to examine what gets in our way, what keeps us from connecting with our Wu Qi? Do your kidneys and low back hurt? Is there something you are not listening to or are you ignoring the deeper inclinations or intentions to re-create yourself. Have you made promises or resolutions that you are having a hard time honoring? The water element corresponds to memory, remembrance through time and space, to consciousness (and unconsciousness) itself, to bone, the ear, inner listening and cellular hearing. January is also Saturn’s month a time when motivation is a struggle, bones and spirit may be tired, and you might experience melancholia or feelings of a lead weight that ties you down.

In the Acutonics approach to optimal health we work with a variety of tuning forks, applying them directly to acupuncture points, chakras, trigger points, and points of pain. These forks, which are tuned to specific musical intervals, can be used to address the issues outlined above. Our forthcoming book Acutonics® From Galaxies to Cells: Planetary Science, Harmony, and Medicine (available June 2010) is an exploration of our relationship to the cosmos, demonstrating the vastness, power, and direct connection between planetary influences and human experiences. Through the laws of physics, many recent scientific advances, and the exploration of myths and archetypes, clear evidence and fresh insights are presented that demonstrate the ways in which the collective vibrations of the universe impact our emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. This book is the culmination of more than 17 years of research, teaching, and exploration of the impact of specific planetary frequencies, and musical intervals on the body.

A simple technique for self-care would be to work with the energy of the Sun. The Sun is the center of our universe, around which all other planets evolve. Its science and vast mythological depths provide us with rich archetypal material. The most basic qualities of the Sun relate to the self, vision, illumination, enlightenment, and consciousness. Its approximate musical note is a B. When the Sun is combined with the Acutonics Ohm® Tuning fork a musical 7th is created. We call this interval the Solar 7th, and it is a conveyor of strong yang energy. Some of the specific disharmonies that we associate with the Sun include disorders of the heart and circulatory system, imbalances of the thymus gland, weakness of the spine and back, low self-worth, depression, seasonal affective disorder, immune system deficiency, cold conditions, yang deficiency, significant lack of energy and vitality. Many of these conditions are exacerbated this time of year when the Sun is less present in our lives.

Just think about the aspects of the Sun it is responsible for our warmth, growth, and the very existence of life itself here on Earth. It represents our inner spark and life force. In correspondence theory the Sun relates to the heart, thymus, spine, back, and our physical essence. Specific actions include heat, drying, vitalizing, activating, and the circulation of energy. It is powerful, warming, strongly tonifying, and initiatory, it seeks resolution and strives for completion. The Sun also helps to overcome limiting environmental conditions, can be used to boost the immune function, is highly generative and puts us in touch with our divine seed.

Here are some specific treatment examples:

The Solar 7th Interval can bring joy and enthusiasm to the heart by applying it to REN 17 (Chest Center), the location of the heart chakra. The Solar 7th can also be used off the body in the subtle fields around the entire body to treat seasonal affective disorder.

For low self-esteem, lack of confidence, or shyness the Solar 7th Interval can be applied to the third chakra (located at REN 12 [Central Venter]) to impart the Sun’s archetypal energy of confidence, self-assurance, and pride. Follow with the Mars/Venus 5th Interval to add the energy of self-love and decisiveness.

Use the Solar 7th Interval on the Yin Wei Mai (P 6 [Inner Gate] and SP 4 [Grandparent’s Grandchild]) and Yang Wei Mai (SJ 5 [Outer Gate] and GB 41 [Near to Tears]) Extraordinary Vessels to illuminate the inner self and expose negative patterns. For the Yin Wei Mai the Sun fork is placed on P 6 and the Low Ohm fork on SP 4, and for the Yang Wei Mai the Sun fork is applied to SJ 5 and the Low Ohm to GB 41.

For extreme fatigue, especially when accompanied by a sense of feeling cold or chilled, the Solar 7th Interval can be applied to UB 23 (Kidney Shu), REN 4 (Origin Pass), DU 4 (Life Gate), and KID 3 (Great Ravine).

To enhance immune function the Solar 7th Interval can be applied to ST 36 (Leg Three Li) and on the chest in the location of the thymus gland.

This winter embrace the warming power of the sun.

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