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Energy Field Healing with the Subtle Body Command Points (8 Qi Mo or 8 Extra Ordinary Vessels) An exert from the Tao of Sound book by Fabien Maman

‘At this period in the development of humanity, the opening of our consciousness requires more and more precision in our choices in life. In healing matters, I am ever more aware of the effect of Sound, Colour & Movement through the physical and subtle bodies and of the way to integrate these energies. After 30 years of research and practice, the use of Sound, Colour and Movement has become more refined.

This matter cannot be left to intuition only (especially when you treat the energy field containing ones life program), but must respect the multi-faceted reality which becomes more and more complex through the present mutation. This is why I created the 8 Qi Mo techniques.
The approach of this subtle body technique responds perfectly to the needs of the time and will address the whole energy field of the client in a more accurate way, not just the physical, emotional or mental aspects. It is very restrictive to expect the client to sort out her/his web of unbalances. For the practitioner, the only way is to go directly to the source. The Subtle Bodies. This is the map of the medicine for the future.

We are now in a frequency shift period affecting humanity. Some beings are sensitive to this transformation, while some are not. The 8 Qi Mo techniques address directly this transmutation and allows a fine tuning with the cosmic time and space, without being separate from reality of one’s presence her on earth now….

The 8 Qi Mo (8 Extra Ordinary Vessels) stand for the roots of our foundation, running the main functions of the body. The 8 chakras are screening and storing energy coming from the electromagnetic field, permanently reinforcing the link between the physical and the etheric….
By putting sound on the Qi Mo acupuncture Command Point and sending colour on a chakra, you access the subtle body and start to clear, deprogram and re-pattern the memory of your own fields, which will later be duplicated in your cells and DNA. This way of total re-alignment of your energy is probably the more fine and powerful way existing today….’

We are teaching these 8 Qi Mo techniques on a 3 day course here in the UK. Why not join us and learn how you can add this transformative Tuning fork technique to your healing repertoire and see how it can help you and others around you. 22-24th March 2013.
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