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Enlightenment – Incredibly Easy!

Enlightenment –Incredibly Easy!


Many paths leadpeople along the long road to enlightenment – when one overcomes thedifficulties of negativity in the world of duality. At the conclusion of thejourney participants experience nothing but love. Christianity, Hinduism,Buddhism, service and devotion are examples of such paths to enlightenment.Today we introduce a new path… the road of sublime music!

Music can bepleasurable, feel good and birth happiness. One can endlessly listen to music,even while doing other activities. Each uplifting listening experience adds adrop of positive energy to one’s fields. Music, which can engage and entertain,can be influencing us for the entire journey of self-improvement… making thisan easier path to complete.

As we listento music, it overcomes us, by making us tap our feet, calm down or dance a jig.We match the vibrations and rhythms within the music. We can listen to music –until we become the music. We become the “mellow feeling of the serene melody”or mirror the dance-beat. When we “sync” with music – we blend with othersdoing the same thing, tapping into their collective energy/consciousness.

Don’t birds,wind and rain all have their unique songs? Every movement made by a livingthing creates sound – even if it is too tiny for us to notice it. Allvibrations interact and even to tiny degrees influence one another. The musicof nature – whether or not we can actually hear it – tunes, entrains and entersour energy fields. Notice how your consciousness changes after time spent innature. We can blend with nature, until there is no separation between us andthe living- breathing world of nature. As we sink into nature (and itsmelodious vibrations) the illusionary boundaries between things and people disappear.When we are too busy to be out in nature, we can enjoy nature sounds throughCDs and electronic media!

Vibrationsof sound become visible when they amass. Look to cymatics (check out cymatic YouTube videos). Observe sand on a metal plate - vibrating from sound alone - formingrecognizable shapes and intricate geometric patterns. In this way, we “see”sound creating form in matter. Sound allows us to see its shape – proof of itsenergy-influence in the world of matter.

People areconscious of emotions. Think of a movie sound track or a song and how it makesyou feel. In this way, we experience our consciousness with music. Ourconsciousness observes our own songs and energies. When we see ourselves in theouter material world in this manner, it is as if the “Knower becomes known toitself.”

Eachgeneration has its own preferred type of music AND general characteristics(baby boomers versus generation X, and Rock and Roll versus Rap). Music notonly describes the group’s characteristics, but also creates them. The group’smusic represents the group energies. By listening to the group’s music weexperience the consciousness of the group. By listening, we can jump into their“vibrations” and experience a slice of their consciousness… which ultimatelyexpands our consciousness.

Sound, musicand consciousness are not always visible. For example, the vibrations emittedfrom a flower are too tiny to hear, yet they influence us none-the-less. The invisiblefeelings of peace remains where the saint and the sage has sat. This feeling caninfluence the town, city and state - if the saint’s energy is powerful enough.A quantity of this energy must be amassed to see a result in our dense materialworld. One method to alter our consciousness and that of other listeners boilsdown to what are we ingesting in sound? And How much of a dosage do we get?

Thesalvation of the world can be compared to a game of Risk or Monopoly – thelargest quantity of energy, which can be found in pliable sounds and music –becomes the dominant song that the masses march to. In the game of Risk,players have different colored game pieces. Whoever has the most pieces winsthe game. So if the game board is covered with blue, then blue wins and redloses, as it doesn’t have enough power. There is no struggle between good andevil – simply it is a game of amassing quantities of colored game pieces, whichequates to power.

Likewise,music and the world pool of vibrations can be compared to an impersonal gamewith the largest quantities of vibrations (expressed as music, feeling orthoughts) dominating. The greatest volume of a frequency/rhythm/melodyovercomes or entrains another. So we must ponder: what are the songs that theworld hears today? How many songs areinjecting love versus chaos and destruction into our collective wave pool? Howsincere are the singers? When you pray for people in a war torn area, such asSyria, your prayer is like adding a small colored piece on the game board. Whenyou pray in song form – like a mantra or a hymn, and your intent is onuplifting Syria, you place a largegame board piece into play. Sound can amplify power. Everyone can use theiruplifting feelings and voice to “vote” on what should be the dominating subtleenergy of the world.

So what isyour contribution to the global energy pool? Everything about you (thoughts,feeling, actions and health) is entered into the global vibrational energypool. This can be a scary analogy, but there is great beauty in this analogy aswell. You matter; your thoughts, feeling and actions can tip the balance ofpower. Most importantly - are you singing? Out of tune (or whatever) is fine,but use your voice as the powerful tool that it is. We can entrain andsubconsciously mimic the sounds of love – an impersonal love (nota needy or controlling) that maintains and uplifts the world.



Jill Mattson is a prolific Artist, Musicianand Author. Jill is a four - time author, and widely recognized expert andcomposer in the field of Sound Healing!   She has produced eight CD's that combineintricate Sound Healing techniques with her original International Award Winningmusical compositions (The Lost Waves ofTime – Best Book of 2016 and Best Alternative Science book of 2016, Deep WaveBody Healing CD– Best Sound Healing CD of 2016, Contacting Angels & MastersCD – Best CD of 2015 and Deep Wave Beauty CD – Best New Age CD – Silver Award). The CD's consist of intriguing,magical tracks using ancient & modern techniques - with sound energy &special healing frequencies to achieve profound benefits. Free music at,,

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