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Establishing Trust The Musician's Way

undefinedMusicians tend, by the way they work together, to build trust with each other, creating a strong foundation for musical collaboration. This foundation can lead to more creative, rewarding, and enjoyable experiences for everyone involved.

This applies to both musical and non-musical settings.

In many non-musical activities, trust might be overlooked and yet it is probably the biggest differentiator in many endeavours. Trust just makes things easier. It smooths the way. In business for example, marketing costs reduce because of how well you are perceived in the marketplace. A trusted organisation is naturally attractive to its clients. 5 star reviews abound for a trusted organisation. Taking your time to develop trust within your team or organisation also helps with employee retention and even cost reductions. Trust maintains a steady flow of inquiries and when times are hard your business is likely to survive much better than those who haven't paid attention to this value. It goes without saying that your profitability is much more reliable.

Trust eminates from the core of the organisation and radiates outwards from there through your immediate team members, out to the rest of the organisation and beyond. Trust is a value which all organisations can work towards. So much can be achieved when a strong level of trust is in place between team members.

Trust is a very precious item in an organisation, possibly THE most precious. Once they know they have it, team members will do everything they can to protect such a valuable asset...more

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