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from: Fabien Maman

Exerts for the new book, The Musique of the Sky

Exerts for the new book, The Musique of the Sky ‘Each time we lift our eyes up to the sky and see thebeautiful celestial lights shining down on us- the Sun, the moon, and thestars- we know we belong to something larger than life itself… The fires withinyearn to return to the very source of creation… Astrology becomes a map to helpus find our way. Over the doorway to the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, iswritten: Gnothi Seauton, ‘Know thyself’. Like a loving reminder from ourCreator, we are asked to remember, as Souls, who we are, why we are here andwhat is our Way of the Soul. (Tama-Do is Japanese for way of the soul to theLight) It is our responsibility as Souls, to create as many Light memories aswe can while we are incarnate in our physical bodies, here on Earth. It is fromthis Light, after all, that we can raise our vibration to become Beings ofLight…

When we first began to write The Musique of the Sky, ourintention was simply to explain, for the first time, how to compose our SoulSong through the musique of our astrological chart…. The Musique of the Sky isone piece of my larger 30 years of research which takes us from Stars to Cells,and back again….

When I was in the Sahara Desert and the stars were ‘snowing from the sky’ I was aware that beyond the light, there was an audible hummingcoming from the depths of silence. Night after night, I fed on the Light and the sound. I meditated on the messages coming from the sky: First there wasLight- the pure Light of the stars twinkling in the night. Then there wascolor- the faint tinge of reds or greens coming from the planets and stars.This densified into sound- the low invisible humming that I heard night afternight- like a calling from the Soul. When my Soul reached up into the sky, myphysical body became warm. It was like receiving a lover from the sky. Thephysical contact was tangible…..

The circle of the Zodiac is the frame of our energy field ofthe Soul coming from the sky. Each sign in our astrological chart correspondsto a musical note. The planets, asteroids and stars inside the signs make up the chords. Aspects betweenthe Luminary bodies add color the chords, consonant or dissonant. Houses add alevel of understanding for those who reside inside them. When we put it all together we get a melodic and harmonic design of our personal zodiac theme- theSong of our Soul. When we play our Musique of the sky, we harmonise with the music all around. We become one with the Light. There is no separation…..’

TheMusique of the Sky is available to purchase in Europe from Carrie Mitchell ( or+447814036314) £65.

Fabiien and Terres will be teaching their Musique of the Sky Workshop in UK Oct27/28/29th Oct. See the course advert in the ‘Events’ section on SoundTravels or contact Carrie for more information.

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