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Expanding our Roles with Music & Sound in the Age of Covid and Climate

What a lovely two hours was spent today in the first SW21 Zoom Gathering with 50 therapeutically-trained musicians and others. We began the exploration of what it means to expand self-limiting definitions of who we are as musicians? The purpose of this inquiry is the recognition that we are actually artistic visionaries first, and musicians after that. This allows us to free ourselves from the boundaries of “who” we are, so we can respond to “what” is needed in today’s challenging environments with the confidence that our creative spirit will come thru, regardless of the medium. This is actually quite freeing.

The open question we collectively explored was, “what are the primary issues people have during this pandemic?” By identifying what is called for, we can adapt our skillsets to meet the moment. If we don’t know how, we have to find out... and trust. The sentiment of lack of confidence in our abilities – outside of our given training – was voiced by many. Truly, we have to have the discernment about when we are outside of our lane, so to speak, and when/how/who to call to take it over from us. While we are therapeutically-inclined, that doesn’t mean that we can do everything.


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