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Fabien Maman
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Fabien Maman teaching in the UK

Article by Carrie Mitchell (Tama Do practitioner and Coordinator for Tama Do Academy in the UK)

Fabien Maman’s long awaited return to teaching in the UK surpassed all our high expectations. A wonderful group of varied participants collected, from all over the UK, to train in 3 of the Tama do Academy modules in the tranquil venue of Market Harborough, Leics. The course students included people from all walks of life from acupuncturists, Sound Healers, and energy/body workers to beginners as well as reuniting tama do students from the distant past and current Tama Do Academy. It became clear that Tama Do has a growing family group in the UK united by the inspiration of Fabien Maman’s research and coherent teachings of both Fabien and Terres Unsoeld. The spring equinox brought a joyful and energetic approach to the three courses being shared, we were even blessed with enough spring sunshine to enjoy our group Qi Gon outside amongst the bird song and the blossom! For some participants this was their first introduction to Fabien’s work, for others it was an opportunity to deepen their understanding of his powerful techniques but for all it was 5 days of both informative and fascinating teaching, supportive guidance and deep transformational process.

Here are some of the testimonials written by the Students which give a flavour of this March’ s Training and the further Modules scheduled in Oct 15-20th 2011. (Don’t miss your chance to join us -Watch out for the forth coming flyer for the scheduled course descriptions!)

‘From the outset I was aware that this was a very special practice amalgamating sound and light and as I was soon to learn, movement too. I had heard with interest the work of Fabien Maman but hadn’t really understood the depth and richness of his knowledge accumulated over a lifetime’s dedicated personal research. This added much to the truth and authenticity of the work. With the massive research already done for us, we simply had to learn the way to acquire the knowledge through these approachable techniques. I discovered that I was handed a simple but structured tool that could enable treatment leading potentially to very deep effects At every stage, gems of wisdom were casually dropped in.. It was presented in a natural, humorous, inclusive family manner. I am so glad I was encouraged to go and had such a lovely time, richer than I could ever imagine. My few words cannot express the appreciation I have for being handed a segment of this life’s work .’ (Angela Bowles Sound Healer, Oxford)

‘They say a master appears when you are ready to receive and yet a master is really a humble catalyst for your own alchemical change. Fabien Maman and Terres Unsoeld are two souls who have journeyed through their physical, emotional and spiritual energies and they speak with authenticity, from deep inside their beings. If you want support in your journey through life with the use of either colour, sound or movement; here is a fertile place to meet your needs.’ (Dr Martin Allbright, Acupuncture Master, Director of Beacon Clinic, Mentor supervisor. )

‘The Musical Spine technique course was excellent. There was a lot to take in during the 2 days but both the teaching and the guidance offered, during the practise sessions was great. I am looking forward to learning further Tama Do techniques and putting them into practice.’ (Sue Hambleton,  Health Kinesiologist, Leicestershire)

‘The training certainly lived up to my expectations after I became fascinated by Fabien Maman’s work during my Sound Diploma. The addition of working with colour as well as sound,  adds vibrancy, energy and flow to the treatments. Receiving treatment was very deep and penetrating, my back felt wonderful after the Musical Spine treatment. Thanks to Fabien, Terres and Carrie for wonderful teachings in a lovely atmosphere.’ (Helen Bishop, Sound Healer, Ruislip)

‘Fantastic courses, Fabien is so patient. The Musical spine treatment was so amazingly relaxing especially as I normally I find it difficult to relax on massage tables! Thankyou .’ (Sue Lane , Acupuncture Student, York)

Returning to Tama Do Academy after 10 years, I was worried I would be out of my depth, but Fabien and Terres immediately put me at ease with their warmth, humour and openness. I had been hoping they would come over to the UK for years, so I was thrilled to be able to return to their inspired teachings. Their demonstrations were clear and precise but more importantly they conveyed a deep understanding of the workings of the soul and a way of returning ourselves and our world to the resonance of magic, harmony and balance, a place of primal joy and innocence.’ (Carolin Comberti, Sound healer & Vocal Coach, 2001 Tama Do Level 1 student, Ipswich)

‘Musical Spine Treatment is both a joy to give and receive. It is both relaxing and invigorating. The Diagnosis Course brought together most of the Tama Do teachings, providing a coordinated approach to healing treatments.’ (John Woods, 2011 Level 1Tama Do Student, Milton Keynes)



With love and chi, Carrie Mitchell

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