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Fabien Maman
from: Fabien Maman
Category: Sound Healing

Fabien Maman's new book, 'The Tao of Sound' is now available to purchase here at Sound Travels!

Fabien Maman's new book, 'The Tao of Sound' is now available to purchase here at Sound Travels!

Thankyou so much to those who have reviewed 'The Tao of Sound':

Dr. John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D: 'I recommend The Tao of  Sound to all those serious about Sound Healing. One can literally “get lost” in this book in order to rethink and rediscover... I also agree with a lot of what Fabien says & there is no doubt he is a master of his craft. However beyond agreements & disagreements there is something that all musicians and sound healers need, and that is profound creativity and the magic of sound within a context of accountability.
Please read and re-read The Tao Of Sound. My recommendation is to read it in any order the way one might allow one’s eyes to gaze upon a painting.'

James D'Angelo: 'There is much more one could describe in this multi-faceted book, a lifetime’s work from a dedicated master in this field who blends traditional Chinese philosophy, musical theory & medicine & his  own intuition in applying & adapting these traditions into an integrated blueprint for sound healing. What is worth extolling is how beautifully this book has been designed. It is easily readable & uncomplicated. The layout of the text makes it easy on the eye. It is filled with many helpful tables, diagrams & the use of colour as an educational aid is superb.  One cannot think of any other book on sound and its potential for healing & self-transformation that has the scope and breadth of The Tao Of Sound. Anyone who purports to have a serious interest in the field should have it as a reference work. Even practitioners who have established methods would benefit from dipping into its pages & use The Tao Of Sound as a measuring rod for their own work.'

Spirituality & Health Magazine USA Feb 2012: 'The Tao of Sound is a beautiful & enlightening book, filled with photographs of human cells responding to acoustic sound with bursts of colour & light. It also is full of hope for a future medicine that will recognize & respect our connection with the natural world.  Maman's research will be of interest to musicians, healers, practitioners of acupuncture & Chinese medicine, mathematicians, & all who seek a healthful, non-invasive way to restore their innate harmony & balance for health & healing.'

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