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Carmel Reid
from: Carmel Reid
Category: Sound Healing

Feeling The Energy in Music

Over the last few months I have been clearly reminded of the energy in music and how it can affect us.

For my 60th birthday celebration in August, I wanted to select some music for dancing and I spent several hours listening to and feeling songs and dance music from the 60s and 70s.

The results were very interesting. First of all the words - some felt awful – full of emotion – lost love, wanting love, needy words, many bringing back memories of those years. Some words were ok simply celebrating who we are, or just having fun.

As for the artists, singers who I knew to be on drugs – their music felt awful.

Since then, I've been very aware of any music that assaults my ears uninvited. In shops, public transport, restaurants and at work. I like to work in rhythm but my own rhythm, not one that has been imposed on me.

Another time it was interesting to be in an airport restaurant that I'd deliberately chosen because it was quiet. When they put on the music half way through my meal, it spoiled the gentle atmosphere, and my feelings were confirmed when all the babies who were in the restaurant at that time started crying. What were they feeling?

As for music in my past, I always wondered why I didn't really like classical music and felt guilty – thinking that I ought to like it, as it was, well, classical. I never liked opera either, but neither did many of my friends, so that was OK. I've since learned that it's the emotional energy within the music that's harming, so my developing clairsentience was obviously on the ball.

A couple of years ago I stopped using my favourite chants in my sound groups because they gave me a headache every time I sang them. I don't listen to any of the popular New Age Music for the same reason.

So what do I listen to? I find that Chris James' Silk in the Clouds, FieryEyes and his latest CD Walk with Your Heart are all great for clearing energy, as well as for gentle listening and being with myself. I know of no other music that is so non-imposing.

If you want to know more about Chris and his music you can go to

Carmel Reid - November 2010 

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