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Chris James
from: Chris James
Category: Sound Healing

Feeling and Singing in Gentleness

Hi Everyone
It have been wonderful  observing ‘everyday’ folk waking up to the possibility, that although they have been shut down, and not  feeling and expressing ALL their lives, it is never too late to
address the ongoing tide of numbness spreading throughout the world and our lives. The account below of “Singing With The Seniors” is an example of this.
And then there are all the schools we have been teaching at. The kids are so responsive.
We had a lovely time with some so called ‘problem kids’ recently. We had a session with 15 kids  for over an hour. They were just great , and so attentive. A quarter of the way through Jenny played tamboura and I played guitar and sang and they just started to lie down and feel, it was very beautiful.
One boy around 11 was extremely attentive. He was up the front singing and loving all of it, he even had a whole song he wanted to sing to us at the end; which he did, ( shaking a little.) . . It turns out he has been expelled from 5 local primary schools for destructive behaviour.
We can all feel our voices resonate in our bodies and this is enhanced when we begin sounding in gentleness. The great thing is, that the gentler we are, the more we feel. And then, once we start to feel the connection between gentleness, feeling, and expression, we have the opportunity to  begin to really feel EVERYTHING.

with Love


Singing With The Seniors
Yesterday I had a most illuminating experience when I presented to a group of 100 ‘seniors’ (mainly semi-retired/retired)
When we started there was such a ‘shut down’ feeling in the group, suppressed sound, and the very idea of being still and actually listening to their bodies, and starting to feel, was like presenting an unthinkable concept.
But then amazingly, they started to ‘get it’. “Yes” they said. “We have stopped feeling, it wasn’t safe to feel, we have shut down.” And then the sound of the group started to grow in strength and confidence. And then more very honest expression, and some comments like; “I am feeling calm, still, relaxed,” to an old bloke up the back saying. “This is awesome”.
Then they started to feel the sound in their bodies and hands and it was like life returning. And then when they allowed themselves to go into stillness and feel, the room became very still indeed.
Now bear in mind that this is not a bunch of retired hippies or an aged care facility in Byron Bay or Glastonbury. This was a gathering of people whose main achievement was that they were still alive after working hard all their lives.. And I was able to say, “Now do you feel the difference in the quality of the energy in the room. Does the room feel different?” And yes, they felt it.
At the end of the hour session there was a collective feeling of amazement in the room about the sound that they had made together, the songs that they had sung, and the feeling of venturing into the world of EXPRESSION, with both sound and feelings that they had never, in their long lives, explored.
Imagine if they now return to their families, with this feeling, and allow their children and grandchildren to express, and actually encourage expression and feeling.
Here is a letter from Des Dean, the founder of the Nation Seniors Association, who invited me. I am now looking forward to tuning up the national conference.

Hi Chris
I want to thank you Sincerely for the very fine presentation earlier today.
The professional skills you exhibited in taking charge of about 100 'Seniors' was remarkable.  
 In the 18 years history of the group I have had some amazing speakers ranging from passionate presenters on their personal life experiences to Internationally acclaimed Opera Singers.
However, your efforts today were the most successful ever at capturing the full attention of every person there.
 Well Done! !
I will certainly advise other 'Nats' groups and recommend you receive invitations.
 Looking forward to further association,
Des Dean
The National Seniors Association has over 2600 clubs and is the largest Organisation representing the Over 50’s in Australia 

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