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Feet Chakras

The feet chakras are where we connect with the energy of the Earth. The feet chakras need to be activated to allow the new energies to flow through our body into the Earth.   The feet chakras are found in the hollow of the foot by the insteps.   They need to be massaged regularly to activate them.   I recommend at least ten minutes massage 2-3 times a week to begin with, then once a week to make sure they don’t get blocked.   You can also use the weighted tuning forks on the feet chakras.   After they have been activated you need to walk on the earth in bare feet for at least ten minutes day.   The ten minutes walking needs to be on grass, rock or on a beach not in the house, on concrete, tarmac or paving slabs.   If the feet chakras are blocked then there will be a build up of energy in our body that will cause us to become tired, anxious or unwell.   People tend to get blocked feet chakras when life gets too much for them.  When the feet chakras are blocked people will experience an over-sensitivity to people, foods and the environment.   They may also become very emotional.   With a mild blockage in the feet chakras people may become self-centred and selfish.   With more serious blockages people can exhibit self destructive behaviour patterns.   Doing work on the feet chakras can alleviate many illnesses and negative behaviour patterns.   The more grounded we are the more giving and tolerant we become.   Please pass this information on to people who might be open to it.   Many Blessings, Simon Heather

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