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"Festival Overture" - What Sound Healing Did For Me...

Most people will know that despite being editor of Sound Travels Sound Forum I don't often publish here.

However on this occasion you might allow me a little indulgence.

Many of us struggle to find the time and the opportunity to be able to do what we truly WANT to do. Indeed it often takes much more than a bit of time and a little space. Sometimes we have mountains to climb in terms of self-belief and personal self-confidence to get to a space where we can truly produce results of which we can be proud. 

After many, many years; indeed decades of therapy and soundwork of various different kinds I feel that I have finally arrived at the truly creative space I've always wished for and I'd like to share some of these results with you, if for no other reason than to encourage in your own personal journey.

I have just completed a piece of music for orchestra: "Festival Overture". If you'd like to listen to it it is here on this link: 


It began life back in 2005 as a few notes which at the time seemed almost like 'litter'; something of very little consequence. In between now and then this small 'seed' of an idea has grown to become a fully-fledged orchestral piece. To get it to emerge has been quite a journey; one that began a long time ago. If you are reading this it is probably the kind of journey of growth with which you may be familiar.

The piece isn't in the Sound Healing genre it is true. It is very much what I would call 'modern classical' but the overall intention is to express 'Joy' and 'Happiness' which I know are values which are celebrated here on Sound Forum. I hope this does for you.

Just one big ask though - I would like to get this piece 'out there'. Some of you may know orchestras which might enjoy playing this piece in one of their programmes. I'd be so appreciative if you could put me in contact with any orchestral managers or 'commitees' of orchestras, amateur or professional you may know.

Thanks in advance,

Andrew Hodges

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