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Don Conreaux
from: Don Conreaux
Category: Sound Healing




There are two words ‘holistic’ and ‘resonance’ that when connected with a hyphen (-) Holistic-Resonance, become descriptive of the musical energy produced by a reverberating gong.

Holism is a word that the mind can naturally massage and mold into many various and diverse applications. ‘Resonance’ is also a malleable word and means ‘re-sounding’.

Whenever resulting gong tones are suspended like long vowels of a mystical choir overtoning, they go through a process of ‘filling space’ through ever thickening pressure waves of tone. The sound resonates within us. We are filled to the brim immersed in tone.

This manner of procreating tone children follows the Fibonacci series of numbers adding to each other ad-infinitum. This tone alchemy is an organic process of filling total space with the feeling life of living tones. And, it sounds like “OM” and “GONGONGONG”.

What our collective planetary ear has known as AUM, the ‘uttered word that created light’ has today a unique place in our life. The great gong of life fills our beings with its omnipresent resonating Phi tone. Its fractal quantum mind-fullness brings to our minds the possible transforming power of self- enlightenment. It can align our ego perspective with our authentic nature through its holistic tone vibration.

When we experience this so called ‘zero state quantum tone field’, we can sense pure potential, an omnipresent feeling of fullness, which seems to be gifted us by the playing gong.

In this ‘nothingness’ within a phenomena of tone totality, it seems at least theoretic that all karma cycling on the incessant wheel of turning time might be temporarily put on hold in one individual’s unique universe.

We might say “synesthetically” put on hold because of the unique mixing together of the normal out-going senses within the motor-sensory cortex of our brain. “Synesthesia” means, for instance, the seeing of interior light and color by simply listening to tone.   

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