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Gifts of the Earth: the Hidden Treasures

Gifts of the Earth:  the Hidden Treasures

What Awaits Us?

Gifts, Dormant, in the Earth

~ Zacciah Blackburn,PhD

The richness of the gifts.

Gifts of the Earth.

They await us.  Those ready and able to see into the Living Consciousness of the Earth.

Those ready, able to see the breathing Cosmos in the tree and vine, the rushing waters, the snow perched on treetops, the sunlight veiled in the winds...

Those able to recognize their mortal and immortal selves reflected in the water, in the ashes, in the Earth.

Those ready to breathe again, in unison, in harmony, in joy with her precious wonder, her joyful benevolence and grace.

The Earth is alive.

Did we not know it?

Have we not been told the ancient stories?

Had we ears to listen?

The Earth is Alive.

And the Ancestors, the Ancient Ones, and Living Elders, have shared with us, the stories, the wisdom, the Realities.

The Earth is Alive.

We are her cousins. Her children.  Her prophets.  Her Ancient Ones.  Her people.

The Earth is Alive.

Come we here to sit again, to listen, and observe.

Come we here to feel the pulse and rhythm again; we shall know, the Mysteries buried herein.


The Hidden Treasures

There is an ancient way of knowing, buried in the mysteries of the Earth.  I will refer to these, as the Hidden Treasures.  Many cultures have hidden wisdom about these mysteries, and how we gain access to them. The Tibetans, for instance, have an entire mystery school dedicated to these Hidden Treasures, which they call, The Termas.   The Termas are ancient scripture or knowledge, literally buried in the Earth or the Subtle Realms,waiting for us to uncover them; for those, the Tertons, ready and able to do so, when the Time is Ripe.  It is pre-ordained.  In some cases, they even know who the Tertons are, the discoverers, before they are born. They often are high lamas and other holy beings who choose rebirth at atime when the greater society is devoid of the original teachings, or have corrupted them.  The Hidden Treasures await discover to rebirth the ancient teachings and knowledge, to make them fresh and alive again.

Many cultures have this wisdom -- the Invisible Books of the Toltec-Otomi-Olmec-Teotihuacan peoples, the Halls of Knowledge of the Ancien tEgyptian Race…

And, we each have this potential.  To discover the hidden mysteries, the hidden treasures, which reside in the Earth Herself, as well as in the subtle worlds of the Greater Reality.  It becomes,fundamentally, an understanding of how to ascertain this ancient wisdom,awaiting us to renew the wisdom and beauty of the enduring teachings.  We each embody it.  And have only to learn how to fine tune our awareness and our subtle way of being to tap into it.

The Time is Ripe. Nearly every culture on the planet has prophesies relating to this Time of renewal and rebirth.  It is known by many names: this Time of Great Awakening.  This Time of Meeting Ourselves Again.  This Time that is The End of Time as We Know It.   

Even, the Christian Revelations, the Apocalypse, which many do not know, literally means, the Lifting of the Veils.  It is time, to Lift the Veils, to Meet Ourselves again, to peer beyond the obscurations that keep us from perceiving our greater reality, to come into Awakening, of who we truly are as Divine Beings, in Harmony with All Life.

Many of us know this. I won't delve further into this understanding at this time.  And, I acknowledge, also, that the Tibet anunderstanding of the Termas goes far beyond what I am sharing in this article,specific to their cultural system of belief. Yet, I will, respectfully, use this term in this article to speak to the nature of the Hidden Mysteries, the Hidden Treasures, which await us,especially in the natural world, and in ancient Sacred Sites, which both often hold, store, and can open the Hidden Treasures to us, through the Gateways of Consciousness embedded in them.

What fewer of us may understand, is that the Ancient Ones,the Wise Ones and Wisdom Keepers of so many ancient cultures, also, created methods of preserving their ancient knowledge that defies modern thinking or science.  And these await us in many ancient Sacred Sites of the world.

The Termas speak very specifically to this.  But, there are other cultures who have their own way of speaking to, and preserving, these mysteries.

The Termas, in Tibetan culture, are primarily attributed to Lord Padmasambhava, a holy man very instrumental in the establishment of Buddhism in Tibet.  During a time of repression of the Buddhist teachings, he chose to hide away sacred texts in secret locations, as well as knowledge in the mind or subtle realms of realization.  These teachings would be preserved until a future time, when a worthy one, a Terton, would re-discover them, when the time was ripe to re-introduce the knowledge contained in them.  They could be found in a physic allocation, those in physical form, or through subtle realm awareness, a more difficult task for many, but available to any who cultivate mindful realization.  Some teachings state that the Termas were always in the Terton's mind, simply awaiting ripening of the mind, to align with its essential nature. But, there are historical texts, especially of the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism, which exist today from these discoveries.

Many cultures speak of the same essential teachings, the Hidden Wisdom, whether it was the Egyptians embedding their knowledge in the alignments and geometries of the Great Pyramids (see the many treatises on the incredible information available through the alignments and geometries contained within the temples of Egypt, via simple searches on line, or, the books on Pyramid Power, etc.,) or, in the hidden doorway to knowledge (in the subtle realms,) between the paws of the Great Sphinx, leading into the Halls of Amenti.  Many believe, and there is evidence, this Hall of Records exists in our physical dense world of time and space in one or more chambers beneath the Sphinx.  The Peruvians believe the Great Mystik Inka,Amaru Muru, entered the Stone Portal near Lake Titicaca, now called Amaru Muru,with the ancient hidden teachings of Lemuria embedded in one of the Great Golden Solar Discs, kept by the Inkas’ ancestors since Lemurian times, to safeguard it from the Spanish during their conquest.  This is an Incan historical legend, not some new age phenomena, though many report extra-ordinary experiences at this portal.  It is said this gateway holds access to this Solar Disc and its wealth of knowledge.  We were at this magical gateway on 11.11.11, to ask access to these mysteries, and much did occur. 

The Toltec-Otomi-Olmec-Teotihuacan peoples of Central America hid their mysteries in the "Invisible Books" in the Great Temples of Central Mexico.  One of their culture's current Wisdom Keepers, Dabadi Thaayrohyadi, guided me, through sacred ceremony in the living room of my home in Vermont, into, and through,the Gateways of this sacred temple, past the ancient Guardian Stone Beings, to enter this Library of Knowledge.   Dabadi spoke very reverently of the nature of the state of consciousness that must be ascertained to enter this realm, and the “Cosmic” sounds which are the “key” to unlock the Gateway.  He told me his people, who were descendants of both ancient Lemuria, and Atlantis had no use of written knowledge, because their knowledge was fully stored in the stones themselves, of their ancient temples.

What is most fascinating, is, that this occurred to me, in very real terms, just months before.  The living Wisdom Keepers of one of the little known Ancient Stone Chambers of Central Vermont took me into their Libraries of Knowledge, hidden, or contained, within the stones of the chamber itself, utilizing exactly the same techniques of the hidden mysteries, to enter this Gateway, or portal, to pass the threshold beyond the Guardians, into other worldly understanding.  What occurred next is beyond normal human understanding, or easy articulation, but, I, and those with me, simultaneously experienced an incredible re-alignment of our reality, as we experienced this small 20'x10'x7' stone chamber become a great temple complex, embedded with this Library of Knowledge, of the ancient cultures who built this simple temple complex in what is now the outback of Vermont.

The Opening: PersonalExperience

Our experiences with these mysteries (mine, and those accompanying us, on our many passages into the Earth Mysteries,) have continued to expand and unfold, as the Earth herself, as well as many of the ancient temple complexes, ceremonial sites, and natural power sites of the Earth, become Gateways into other realms of understanding, as well as other worldly experience in this physical reality.

For me, it began when I was 18 years old, and Ancient Ones from the Other Dimensions began to speak out loud to me.  They guided me in new directions in my life,which were a powerful portal of new understanding.

It continued when I was 21. I re-visited an old and dilapidated house I lived in as a child, when I was 2-4 years old.  It, or something within its walls, spoke to me, very literally, and began to 'show' me the ancient wounds of my childhood embedded in its walls.  This caused an incredible cathartic healing process for me, entering deep states of realization and release of these deep wounds I carried, which, in the end, brought me into a direct experience of unified states of consciousness, a felt sense of being contained with the Unity, and Harmony, of All Life.  I 'entrained' to the breath of the wind, the warmth of the sun, and the gentle rhythm of the grasses in the field I was sitting in, outside of this house, as I let go of 'all that was holding me back.'

As I was about to get up and leave, a tree behind me,'reached out' and touched me, saying, 'Wait, don't you remember me?,' as it pulled on my shoulder to turn me around.

I did remember it.  It was an old mimosa tree I loved and climbed, and played in as a child.

This extra-ordinary experience was followed by many others.

But the next I wish to share was simply that of an Elder,here in Vermont.  I was about to leave a friend’s house where I had stopped to visit, on my way to climb a mountain.  Several Elders had gathered with him.  As I was leaving, one of them turned to say, “You don’t need to climb a mountain, you need to  to the canyon.”  I didn't know what she meant, but she shared with me about an ancient site, a natural power site, embedded with ancient knowledge, in the stones. 

It is a canyon/gorge we still use today in our sacred journeys, to experience the living consciousness of the Earth, as it is a Living Vehicle to experience this through. The Living Stones are the Wisdom Keepers of many of the indigenous nations of the Americas, but the mysteries revealed here, the Hidden Treasures in these stones, went far beyond my knowledge of how this occurs, and how deeply embedded these treasures may be.  The canyon taught me the living nature of the stones and waters, and trees, especially,as more and more 'other world' experiences opened up to me, through simple awareness and prayer practices I used in this Sacred Site.  The Living Energies and Beings of the Earth Realms began speaking to me, and guiding me into how to access and utilize the Living Energies of this Living Mystery, in these Earth Realms, including the use of sound and consciousness to gather greater access to the wisdom contained in the Stones.

The Stone Libraries

The Elders have always said the Stones, the Stone People, as they are called in our indigenous cultures; the Stone People are the Story Keepers for our People.  I knew this, understood it, but,in actuality, it was only a 'cognitive' knowing.  It was not until I began going to the ancient power sites, such as Black Mountain, also, here in Vermont, then this sacred canyon, the Stones began to speak, and teach me ways of communing and understanding, which go beyond normal language and cognition.

Through these many years, the stories and experiences have grown.  I now understand that there is more than the modern mind understands or can know through current applied sciences.  There is more to the Mystery than the cognitive mind can ever grasp. Because it is beyond grasping.  It is beyond normal ways of thinking, communing, or knowing.  It requires right attitude, right relation, mindfulness, and awareness of the Living Principles of Light and Being within the Earth Realms.  She, and her many Medicine Allies, Ancestral and Elemental Beings, and so many others, are Living Beings of Consciousness.  However, the way they are perceived, and communicated with, may be different than our normal Western Intelligence can comprehend.  It certainly is, more often than not, going to be in language other than English.  When we enter the feeling states, the visceral knowledge gained there can give far more insight.  Though, there certainly can be experiences which are English based, or in translation.

Through the years, the experiences have grown, and I now come to understand the Termas, the Hidden Treasures, are everywhere, planted in the Seed of the Earth, the Ancient Stone, the Living Waters and Trees, the Animal Spirits, the Clouds and Sky, and the Ancient Temples of the Earth, living everywhere.  We discover, over and over,each is able to awaken and speak to us, as we come into honoring and right relationship with the Living Consciousness of each with whom we wish to commune.  The Ancient Ones living befor eus, knew this; and lived with, communed with, and consecrated many ancient sites with their own cultural wisdom.

In New England, we have discovered a Living Field of energy,created by 6 mountains and 6 lakes, which create a perfect star tetrahedron over an 80 mile radius.  This six pointed star represents the perfect union of the male and female aspects of Creation, as seen in the mysteries of the Sri Yantra, the Shiva Shakti Union, the Star of David, the Egyptian Merkaba, and so many other ancient cultures’ wisdom.  Here, it is embedded in the body of the Earth as a Living Mystery, through the consciousness of 6 mountains and lakes.  These create what is fundamentally a living Prayer Wheel, in which the holy beings working with us, guiding these practices, are using it with human co-creation, to re-infuse the Pure Creative Matrix of Heaven on Earth, the original template of consciousness for humanity,back into the soil itself, like a grand gardener re-tilling the vital soil and planting new seeds of Creation.

These types of experiences are available to us, through theinherent nature and mysteries of the Living Earth, as a Living Part of theLiving Mysteries of the greater Living Cosmos, and of All Creation, whichresides in Harmonic Resonance, One within the Other; they reside in thefundamental and inherent nature of the Earth Sites, especially her 'PowerSites,' where the Living Energies of the Earth and the Cosmos are especiallyripe and profuse; and, in the Ancient Libraries of Knowledge planted in manyancient temple sites of the Peoples of this Earth, by their Wisdom Keepers,who, in many cases still live in, or, are available through, these ancientsites and temples, holding and protecting the integrity of the ancient wisdomembedded therein.

All are available to us. We simply need to understand the fundamental principles of accessingthis Sacred Knowledge, and Way of Being. In actuality, it is through our Way of Being that we gain access toit.  We, fundamentally, must come intoauthentic Resonance with it.

Gateways ofConsciousness

These Gifts and Ways of Knowing are accessed through what Ishall call Gateways.  And, while it isnot uncommon for there to be some form of literal "gateway" we enter,when we work with Ancient Earth Sites, these are, in their fundamental nature,Gateways of Consciousness, which may or may not be apparent to our normal wayof perceiving.

Once we understand that all things are Living, and that allis Living Energies, or Consciousness, and once we understand that allconsciousness is vibrational in nature, we have done much of our work.  But, this is something we must understandviscerally, not just cognitively, in order to understand it.

We must not only understand the fundamental nature ofConsciousness, we must enter Living Relationship, with right attitude, with theLiving Consciousness of those things, and Realms, with which we wish to enterrelationship.

We must, fundamentally, become masters of LivingConsciousness, in order to gain access in any actuality.

And in order to do this, we must become masters of our ownConsciousness.

Though this can be attained instantaneously, for most of us,this takes years of devotion to the pathways of Consciousness, within ourselves,and within the Living Mysteries.  Becausethe Gateways of Consciousness appear veiled to the Living Mysteries, most of ussuffer the illusion of not being free, or able to access greater states ofawareness.  But, as so many mysteryschools teach us, it is but an illusion, and we only suffer as long as we livein this veil of illusion.

No matter the amount of time it requires of us to passthrough the veils of our own Consciousness, once we do, we are able to open theGateways of Consciousness, to fundamentally any realms, at any time.  The only requirement is that we learn how togain that level of access within our own states of awareness, or consciousness.  We can gain this access, to any realm,anywhere, anytime, such as right here in our own home or office.

The reality is, we do this all the time, regardless of ourlevel of understanding or awareness.  And,for a moment, I am going to digress away from the 'natural worlds' of which Ihave been speaking primarily.  While thefocus of this article is upon Gateways to the Greater Mysteries embedded withinin the Earth, it also speaks to the Gateways, or Termas, of the Mind Realms.

And, in order to truly understand the principles, we mustfirst understand this:

We constantly open the Gateways to Other Worlds.

The question then becomes, are we opening the Gateways toJoy, or to Shame, the Gateways to Complete Blissful Unity, or isolation andloneliness, the Gateways to Compassion and Unconditional Love, or the Gatewaysto Hells built in fires of hatred, selfishness, anger, and greed?  Are we, and are we ready to, open theGateways to the Heavens of Universal Resonance of Harmony with All Life,experiencing, even, the unified states of consciousness we hear so much aboutthese days, but, few, truly experience?

What we put our awareness upon, there we build or expend ourenergy and life force; there, we engage, truly, in the act of Creation.

If we choose to expend our life force uponnot-having-enough, versus the joy and gratitude of abundance, so be it, and, soit shall be.  If we choose to expressourselves in the demeaning flavor of not-being-good-enough; if we imagine thelessons of no-one-loving-us are true to the core of our being, instead ofrejoicing in the purity and clarity of a Creation that supports, and is a partof, All Life, including our own, then, so be it, and so it shall be.

It is our choice.

And it is our Gateway that we choose to walk through.

Now, the Gateways of Heaven may be a little more challengingto walk through.  One once stated it islike taking a rich man through the eye of a needle (though many do not realizethis phrase, also, refers to a one of the narrow gateways of Jerusalem, called'the Eye of the Needle,' where onewould have to remove one's loads from a camel in order to pass.  (This gives a very different perspective tothe quotation.))

Through releasing our burdens, our unnecessary, andnon-serving loads, and focusing instead, upon clarity of purpose, and, purityof heart, one can make safe passage into all realms.  But, it can take some basic training andunderstanding to do so.

The Upper Gateways are clear and pure.  Thus, we must clarify our minds and purifyour hearts to align and attune with them, in order to make passage here.

They do not allow safe passage with clutter and chaos.  It is not allowed, and, in reality, is noteven possible.  For, the Higher Gateways,whether threaded through the Earth, or Mind Realms, are vibrational Gateways ofConsciousness, which require us to attune to them, like vibrational states ofclarity and joy, in order to make safe passage.

And, from an esoteric perspective, they hold Guardian Beingswho insure the integrity of the Realms beyond those Gateways.

If you knock on the Gate, one must be prepared to answer tothe Voice of a greater reality who asks who goes there, and, why.

Who are you, and Why are you here?  These are fundamental questions to the humanexperience, and fundamental to gaining access to the Greater States of Reality.  The answers of one lead us to the other.  The answers to the Guardians of one realm ofconsciousness, may be the same as the other, though, they, also, may differ.

Creating LivingRelations with the Elements of Earth and Sky

One method of doing this is, learning to gain right access,is through entering Living Relations with the Living Energies of the Cosmos.  The Ancients and Elders of most cultures havesaid that all things are living, the entire Cosmos is Alive.  The Living Elders say we must enter LivingRelations with the Living Energies of Earth and Sky, in order to enter ourhighest states of potential, and to enter what they call “Harmony with AllLife.”  Many Elders’ teachings, also,suggest this will be necessary, that enough of us must enter this level of understanding,and Reality, that All Things are Alive, and gain Living Relationship with them,in order to create the catalyst of change for the planet today, in this Time ofGreat Transformation.  The Q'eroprophecies of Peru especially speak to this (the Q’ero are direct descendants ofthe Inkas, who were able to keep their wisdom teachings free of intervention orcorruption.)  They say entering in theseLiving Relations will birth and nourish the "Seed of Our Potential" into fulfillment (Awakening,Enlightenment, or Ascension, as you choose to call it,) and assist to elevatethe entire Planet as enough of us enter these states of Living Understandingand Wisdom of the Interconnectedness of All Life.

It, also, will resolve those burning questions of "WhoAm I," and "Why Am I Here?", when we enter our authenticexpression of self, through our Potential of Being.

The Q'ero speak of the Living Energies of the Cosmos.  That everything is Alive; The Trees, theForests, the Grasses, the Fertile Plains, the Waters, of the Oceans, theRivers, the Lakes, the Streams, the Falling Waters of the Sky, Every LivingThing; as do most wisdom cultures of the indigenous peoples.  The Stones, the Mountains, the Animals, thatspeak our thoughts, and weave our webs of understanding in relation to theWhole, the Great Mystery of Life.  All ispart of the Web.

They have specific methodology for entering these relations,and ceremonial Initiatory Rites to assist us in entering them, and reaching ourPotential, an awakened state of reality, in relationship with All Life. 

Harmonic Resonance

What happens, when we enter Living Relations with elementsof the Earth and/or Sky, is that we, fundamentally, enter in harmony with, or,"entrain" to, the fundamental Resonance of that we are inrelationship with.  This serves twothings.  One, it brings us, throughresonance with those principals of Harmony, into a Harmonic Resonance with AllLife, because this is an underlying Principle of All Life.  That being, that All Life has arisen from onesource, whether seen in evolutionary scientific terms, or through the eyes ofmystical science.  And, there is an underlyingRhythm, or pulse, which pervades All Life. Through this rhythm, or resonance, All Life unfolds in dynamicproportions, or harmonic relations.  TheAncients called this "Divine Proportions," and it is visible in theEarth Spectrum, the Spectrum of the Cosmos, and in Human Intelligence, throughwhat is known as the Sacred Geometries. This, in itself, is a life-long study. But, one can find tremendous resources on this subject in any simpleword search on line.  It fundamentallystates that All Life arises from one source, and unfolds in these DivineProportions, evident throughout nature and the life cycles within it.

The Elders of the indigenous nations might call this"Harmony with All Life."  It isfundamental to the understanding of the Wheel of Life, or, the Great Circle ofLife, whether studying Cherokee wisdom, or Tibetan Wisdom.  But, it, also, is visible, in any simple study of how the proportions of life unfold,from a human embryo, to a galactic cluster. It is evident throughout the full spectrum of Life.

We resonate in these Harmonies, unless we have chosen tostep out of Balance.  Western/modernculture, in general, lives out of balance, as evidenced in our vast misuse ofresources, overpopulation, dysfunctional governments and societies, near abrink of collapse.

One of the easiest ways to re-enter this harmonic relationwith All Life, is simply to step back into it. We shared in the past, through our articles on the Three Hearts, one of the simplest methods we have in recenttimes discovered, to do so.

This may sound complicated, or simplistic, depending on yourtone.  However, it is simple, if we canlet go of that which keeps us in dissonance, or disharmonious resonance, andsimply step into our own dynamic Harmony with Life.  It is not that hard, other than the letting go.

The Elders say we are in a time of such letting go, and thatall things which no longer serve us, will, simply, crumble away.  It is already happening, significantly, inour personal lives, as well as the collective. At the same time, the Elders share, that those of us who choose toembrace our authentic Divine Nature, will find the Harmony of All Life supportsus in its underlying form; supporting our life choices and life purpose, asthey unfold.


Fundamental to all of this, is the simple practices of goingoutside, immersing oneself in Nature, and finding that Harmonic Resonance,which is so prevalent there.  It becomesmost easy to attune to, and enter into, those states of Harmonic Resonance,through simply, being in Nature, as Nature's natural state is Harmonious.  This 'reminds' us, at a fundamental level, toenter this state.  And, by being there,and allowing it, we 'entrain' to this Harmony. The Resonance of Nature, by the inherent principals of Harmony andResonance, brings us into resonance, and balance, with it.  The 'feel good' states, which most of usexperience, just by engaging in a day at an uninhabited beach, a day of hiking,resting by a waterfall, or a field of grass, teach us this.

By utilizing the conscious practices of entering LivingRelations with the Earth, it enhances this even more.  Once we incorporate practices, such as the"Awakening the Seed of Our Potential" (the Inka/Q'ero practices ofinitiation into these Living Relations,) we have key clues and processes to enterinto and sustain these awakened states of Harmony with All Life, integral toour own life.  And, once we get this, wefeel the visceral support of Life, rather than the tug and grind of living Outof Balance.

The Hopi, and many others, have told us, we stand perilouslyclose to the brink of destruction, due to our actions Out of Balance, as a raceof Humanity.  Their pre-Columbianprophesies speak very specifically to these realities, as do prophesies of manyindigenous cultures.  It is Time that wetake Right Action, to re-enter these states of Grace and Harmony, availablethrough simple exercise, action, and mindfulness.

Even the Elders say, it is doable, and pivotable, to enterthese states, at any time.  It willdetermine the outcome for the next generation, for generations to come, as wellas the outcome of these Times of Great Awakening.

Self Revelation - TheGreat Work

Such practices, as theThree Hearts, (entering into Harmony with All Life,) or the Hatun Karpay, (Initiations into theLiving Consciousness of All Life, and the Seed of Our Potential,) and, the manyteachings of the Wisdom Schools of most cultures, shall lead into a place ofself-revelation.  Indeed, all authenticteachings are self-revelational in nature; meaning, that they, in and ofthemselves, will lead us into a place of greater self determination, ofautonomy and self evolution, of guidance deeper into the Great Mysteries ofLife, through the practices themselves.

They retain the potential to take us through the Gateways ofConsciousness into the Greater Mysteries, to see what shall and can berevealed, at ever evolving levels of Consciousness.  The true teachings, by their very nature,regardless of which Wisdom School they arise from, gives us this gift, thisquality.

Likewise, the Authentic Teacher, by this very nature of the authenticteachings they carry, will dismiss his/her chelas, his students, as they enterthese levels of self-revelation.  By theoffering of the Authentic Teachings, again, whichever school of Wisdom Teachingthey arose from, the teacher gives the greatest gift to his/her students...thatof guidance toward self determination, self revelation, and selfevolution.  One is no longer dependentupon the Teacher.  The Mysteries, and theHidden Treasures which arise from the practices, guide us ever deeper into theUnknown, as we prepare ourselves for the Great Adventure, known, also, as, TheGreat Work, the path to self revelation, self realization.

In this time of Great Awakening, this prophesied time ofcollective awakening, this becomes the greatest gift.  The prophesies tell us, one after the other,that is up to us to determine for ourselves, what this next world shall looklike.  As the Hopi say, “We are the OnesWe have been waiting for.”

The Maya High Elders say, their calendar ends December 21,2012, because “It is not written,” beyond that time.  It is dependent upon what we choose tocreate.

It is time we enter the age of self autonomy and selfresponsibility, as co-Creators, ready to work in Harmony with the fundamentalprinciples of Life and Creation, and take full responsibility for the outcomeof that which we choose, consciously, to Create.  We must choose the path of selfdetermination, in Balance, or Out of Balance.

By entering into Harmony with All Life, we find all of ouractions, thoughts, and deeds, are in Harmony with that.  It becomes more challenging to make amistake.  We do not have to worry, as weare self guided into liberation and the Harmonic Pathways.  And, we feel the support of this UniversalRhythm, and Harmony.  

When we live in a place of imbalance and imperfection, it ismuch easier to create more of that same state. Indeed, that is the very way Creation works.

If we live from a place of our authentic Being, in Harmonywith Life, our thoughts and actions are derived from that very state, and,thus, the outcome of our actions, also, reside in that fundamental Harmony.

The Gifts, and theCities of Light

All states of consciousness are fundamentally Gateways intodeeper states of that very same nature of consciousness.  Once we learn to enter into the Harmonythrough the EarthWork, the Earth opens deep avenues and Gateways for us toexplore.

Hidden, deep within these mysteries, are profound gifts ofbeauty and bounty, that are inherent to the very nature of the Earth andCosmos, from which she is derived.  And,the hidden gifts of the Ancient Ones, who knew, and drew prophesies to guide ustoday, in this new time of Awakening, are present here.  They left gifts for their children, andgrandchildren, many generations to come, in the Mind Realms, and in the EarthRealms.  Indeed, many who walk among ustoday, are those "Ancient Ones", chosen to be reborn to assist inthis time of Transformation.

In our practices, worldwide, we have found these many giftsabundant,  whether we travel into theRealms of Mind, such as those we call the Diamond Realms, or through theGateways of the Earth realms, exploring the nature of the Earth herself, aswell as the Hidden Treasures left in the ancient architecture and Templecomplexes of the Ancient Peoples of this Beautiful Planet.  We are not necessarily finding the physicalTermas, the ancient scriptures, though bountiful treasures have been found incarvings and stone.  But the ethericones, we have found, are bountiful, such as the Gifts I spoke of, guided byDabadi, of the Olmec/Toltec peoples, or, the Keepers of the Calendar One andTwo ancient Stone Chamber sites of Vermont.

We have found treasures beyond our wildest imaginations.

The Gateways and Gate Keeper stories would fill a book.

Of our ancestors who came to the Americas, many weresearching stories of hidden treasures.  TheAncient stories of Western Society, and other cultures, say there had beenbuilt castles in the sky, and Cities of Gold, both literally, andfiguratively.  But, the early explorers ofthe Americas were thinking of and searching for the more literal castles, thephysical fountains of youth, and Cities of Gold.  As, they lived out of balance, out of touchwith the Greater Truths, the Greater Joys and Gifts of Life, thinking abundancewas a state of monetary wealth.

What we might look for are the subtle world realities, thosenot so dense, as to be lost in thought of selfish venture, or capital gain.

The true worlds of the Cities of Light are far more subtlethan that.

And, they exist.

Ancient cultures crossed the world, and either came to, orwere part of, the Americas far before Columbus; the Kensington Stone, theWestmoreland Knight, Dighton Rock, Newport Tower, Mystery Hill, and Burnt HillStone Circle, are just a few of the many more recent mysteries still unsolved,in this region of the US, alone.  Ancientwritings throughout all of the Americas, Chinese and Egyptian artifacts, andthe oral history of many of her peoples, speak to ancient times andcivilizations modern science refuses to acknowledge could possibly have beenhere.  The Stone Chambers, Standing StoneCircles, stone mounds, and many other human made stone sanctuaries exist in thehundreds from the Canadian Maritimes, to the Carolinas, and inward to the mounddwellers, along much of the Mississippi River Valley, many of its tributaries,sand beyond.  The ancient copper minesnot known to be used by Native Americans of the region.  Columns found underwater off the coast ofSouth America, pyramids found underwater in the Caribbean.  Many Americans do not know an earth moundpyramid foundation remains in the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri, larger thanthe foundation of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Underwater temples off the coast of Japan.  The evidence of 15,000 year old, and older,sites near Lake Titicaca, Bolivia, in Turkey, and elsewhere on the planet, donot align with modern views of history. Nor do the teachings of the knowledge the ancients hid in many of thesesites.  Alongside the teachings, are notonly methods of attaining to the hidden mysteries in the subtle realms, butthere remain many stories and mythos regarding the Living Cities of Light inrelation to ancient and 'unknown' civilizations.

Known in some cultures as Shamballa, the Refuge of StGermain, and by many other names, the Cities of Light have been spoken ofthrough many ages, in many cultures.

They are real. At least some are.  But, they cannot be seen unless we attain tothe very states of consciousness which contain them.

We must be able to peer through the veils which separate usfrom those greater mysteries. 

They have become evident to us, through such practicesidentified in this writing, through listening to the body and Wisdom of theEarth, and her allies, entering the levels of awareness and the practices sheand those Allies guide us into.  TheRevelational States unveiled are, again, beyond normal cognition, and cannot bedone justice through normal language.

One such City of Light was revealed to us, right here in NewEngland, while preparing for our "Awakening the Dragon" practicesseveral years ago.  It remains a mostprofound experience, granting access to the most realized planes ofconsciousness, and Holy Beings which reside there.

These are available to us, still; should we wish, in RightRelation, with Right Attitude, to enter into them.

There are many principles at play here.

I will not offer them in this writing.

Though I have indicated how to experience the

Sacred Sound is one principle that can assist in enormousways to enter these refined states.

The Gifts reside in many realms of understanding.

They have gone by many names.

They hold enormous reverence and precious regard for life,and, are keys to entering and attaining our own illumination and realization.

With precious attitude, in alignment with the fundamentalresonance of life, we can enter into these precious states.

And, receive the Gifts of Illumination which await us there.

We have been in a period of darkness

The Ancients knew we would get lost, and buried thetreasures in ancient vats, both literal, and subtle.  The Tibetans call them the Termas, the Giftsof the Earth, the Hidden Treasures, the Wisdom of the Ancients, holding thetrue wisdom and teachings, ready to be explored at any time by those who cangain critical access to them.  The accessis simple.  The key is consciousness.  Sound can assist vastly in opening theGateways of Consciousness, for it is a bridge between worlds, of the subtle andmanifest dense worlds of reality.

We have to think differently.  We have to realize we are not locked intothis mindset of this perceived every-day reality; that there is more.  By focusing on the True, the other states,the other worlds, we gain access.

The key is the point of focus.  The key is becoming one with that we wish torealize.

We cannot access higher wisdom by locking into lesser statesof wisdom.

The true Tertons, those who can see into other worlds, andgain access to the vast libraries of knowledge stored there, are those who canfocus their awareness upon the subtle realities of higher consciousness.  This is the key that opens the door to theGateways of Knowing and Perception, the Gateways of Higher Wisdom and Being,the Gateways of Consciousness, and the Hidden Treasures contained therein.

The Earth is a powerful storehouse of knowledge, in her ownessence, and in the ancient temples where those Who Have Attained, lived,taught, and left keys to the Mysteries.

As we learn, again, the nature of true human evolution andrealization, we gain access again to these ancient keys.  To the ancient memory, the Ancient Codes, toour own ancient Knowing, Essence, and Being.

The Gifts are Enormous. 

A true freedom, of Heaven on Earth, awaits us.


Blessings reign upon us all, and are open to us all at anytime we choose to put our awareness there.

May it be true for all peoples of the Earth.
I send many blessings to each of you,


©2011 Zacciah Blackburn

This message may be reproduced and shared as long as it isnot altered and the following credit & contact information isincluded.  Thank you. 


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Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, is a gifted intuitive, teacher, andsound healer, trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacredsound cultures.  He teachesinternationally, and practices in Vermont, USA, at the Center of LightInstitute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies.  Zacciah shares authentic trainings in thenature of human consciousness, explorations into the Shamanic worlds of EarthEnergies & awareness, and teachings on the nature of sound, and sacredsound practices, as a therapeutic healing modality.  His in depth understanding provides lifetransforming experiences into the authentic nature, being, and wellness of whowe are as spiritual beings, and how to develop that nature.  He is Director of Education at theInternational Sound Healing Network, & co-founder & Director of theWorld Sound Healing and All One Now Network of organizations working for globalpeace. He is, also, a founding board member of the Sound and MusicAlliance.  Zacciah, also, offers musicalinstruments of sacred sound cultures, & sound healing tools,

See,his primary website, for further information.

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