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from: Steven Ash

Going Forward Together

The days are lengthening out, I have been mapping the position of the sunset each clear evening and noticeably grandfather Sun is going down further west and later each evening. The grassy tufts in the meadows are still bleached brown by the frost and snow and yet we all know that under the frozen surface the seeds and shoots are waiting, full of vigour and potential, their roots going down into the Mother are strong, ready for the leap forward and upward towards the sky Father, as if pulled and pushed in their rejoicing towards the source of life. That is the teaching that the plants have to offer us: await for the right time, there is no hurry, be patient, know that your time will come, breathe and rest, haste makes waste the wave of change that we have all invested in will become a reality, let’s do it together all of us spring upward together, so massive and powerful will that be that no one or no thing can stop us.

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