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Don Conreaux
from: Don Conreaux
Category: Sound Healing

Gong & Improvisation

The Conductor of a Sacred Gong Improvisational Tone Rite spontaneously synthesizes multiple tone realities within a total fullness of holistic resultant tone resonance. This tone rite acts as a mysterious “tremendum” of complex vibrations with the gong acting as a working symbol for the reverberating fullness inherent within pure tone power.

This gong phenomenon produces music of ‘non-dominance’ of melody, harmony or rhythm. The ‘equal amplitude’ gong phenomena also produce a ‘functional harmony’ or “Syntonic Music”. This is the name given it by the late musical philosopher and famous artist/astrologer Dane Rudhyar.

 Gong music functions more like a cosmic motor releasing power through living tones and the inner dialogue between these tones is more like speech than music. A ‘syntonic world’ is uncovered in the gong field of holistic resonance.

Every sacred tone presentation is a concert/event ‘for humanity’ by ‘artists for humanity’. There is a given understanding that each artist/instrument is a vessel for a higher creative consciousness, which works through one’s personal intuitiveness, inspiration, and spontaneity.

Every presentation is dedicated to a compassionate world without violence or abuse for all the children of today and tomorrow, and a healthy planet.

There can be no wrong notes, chords, or tempos in a non-dimensional world of simultaneous realities, which is also the gong-field of a syntonic ensemble. Because there is complete reliance on telepathic rapport, the pre-conscious creative flow isthe prime conductor.

Rehearsals are more for laying the bearings for some ceremonial theme and for releasing whatever is not needed in its optimum functionality.

Each live gong tone improvisation concert is an event that serves musically as a Cosmic Ceremony, a Rite of Passage, and A Spiritualizing through the All That Matters.

Acting as a musical theatre of the soul, the gong’s unique spell produces an “IntimateSpectacle” within the mind.

The existence of a gong spell is not for finding resolution or final concordance on the physical plane but to provide an ongoing unresolved suspense in which seedtones planted in the mind could initiate resolution from the highest plain ofthought.

Though sometimes referred to as spiritual, sacred or mystical free jazz, it is really a musical theatre of initiation seeded by musical ideas first popularized by Russia’s mystical composer Alexander Scriabin 100 years ago and 20 years laterby composer, Dane Rudhyar.

There is much that describes the simplicity and complexity of the Syntonic Ritual and its effect on the audience member but its main purpose is to free the creative consciousness of the individual so that the transformational power of synthesis may be evoked in the individual’s mind.

The duties of a gong master of such tone ceremonies is to gather together other healingtone masters to take part in a Gong Sangha/Community Ensemble in order to musically supply the prime need of society for multi-unity, global compassion and freedom for one and all.


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