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Chris James
from: Chris James
Category: Sound Healing

Grace-Full Expression

         Dear Friends,

                       What a time to be choosing to work with expression, with expressing ourselves, and to be making the conscious choice of energetic clarity in our expression, whether it be through singing, playing an instrument or simply taking full responsibility for that magnificent instrument of creation our speaking voice.
Our speaking voice is truly magnificent or truly destructive. Magnificent ...? Yes ..  Mag-nified. When we simply start to express truth-fully what is happening within us, our body experiences an energetic release that can re-configure our day to day life.

Example:- we are holding a months intensive of  Grace-full Instrument sessions here at home...our community finally getting to play, sing (and drum) together with everyone being as energetically accountable as possible. Local musicians are taking the opportunity to nominate long held tensions and suppressed feelings about their playing and their instruments, and many are claiming themselves AND their expression through letting their voice OUT!.
We are having quite a few private sessions along these lines as well. A young student attending who plays many instruments, had a private session recently. Very talented musically. After a ‘tuning –in’ through the gentle breath they played a note on one instrument... very graceful and spherical.. As soon as a simple rhythm was set up they lost the grace-full feeling and  their connection to their gentle out-breath. ( Most musicians I have worked with can only play one note ( eventually) without going into mental constructs and old patterns)
Another instrument was felt into before playing. What was immediately felt was that this instrument was played to please others. As soon as the student nominated this the feeling changed, and one note was able to be played gracefully. THEN as soon as the note finished a mental energy came in and what was it?? .. Self-judgment! Again this was nominated. Then  a third instrument that was brought along was tuned into, This one didn’t even get to be played.. But again the feelings were nominated. A bit later the student said a whole Pandora's box was now opened, which was going to lead to an interesting year of music classes!
So now when this student plays they will not be trying to push through a myriad of unconscious things weighing them down, but will be much more aware , and therefore able to make much more informed choices about their expression.

Make sense?
Apply this to yourself and your own expression.
Are you ... Pleasing others first, being nice, forgotten how to say what you feel?  The list is huge! Is your throat chakra left to carry the burden of your contracted expression where in truth your whole body can be resonating with your grace-full expression?
Imagine for a moment that everything we say is amplified, magnified, carried throughout our bodies and our energy field, broadcasted and distributed thorough-out our beings and beyond, that what we say and how we express is VITALLY important to our well-being. Imagine if, by finally being able to express honestly and truthfully how you feel, you re-configure yourself energetically and create an energetic freedom to be able to move forward, to create rhythms in your daily life that will support your return to your inner heart to your own vital expression of truth.
And if this is what actually happens, then consider what happens when we DON’T express in honesty and truth... The magnification is the same but is now numbing and destructive, and reinforces the old contractions and patterns.
So ...
... YOU have the opportunity now to express your energetic choices about your life and its rhythm and expression. It is vitally, crucially important to KNOW energetic truth in expression, because, as my musical and energetic mentor Serge Benhayon says ....

Expression is Everything

                                                                                                                          ... And these coming times will revel the awe-some depth of these words.

For this  years upcoming courses around the world go to
I would recommend reading Serge’s new years message on his website

With Love


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