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from: Jill Purce


BELTANE week in the heart of beautiful Somerset countryside- 

Many people say it is the best week of their life!

Very near Glastonbury (The Mystical Centre of Britain)  

In a breathtaking valley, nestling between two sacred hills.

Absolutely gourmet vegetarian food! Starts Friday Evening

Wonderful, magical, healing and utterly life changing week. 

Each week intensive has a different theme. Learning and developing the ancient shamanic practice of overtone chanting, vocal purification practices, transformative breathing, vocal yogas, sonorous meditations, sacred chants, mantras and sonic practices to transform family curses into their corresponding blessings and heal the ancestral lines. Also, journeying through the MANDALA, we experience the union of the sacred masculine and feminine, bliss and emptiness. All my Mandala ceremonies combine and contain continuous chant, spiritual practice with deep psychological work. 


As part of this amazing week we will be using sound as the bridge between the worlds to connect to the source of power through the instrument of our own voice and purify the body, the elements and past karma. In Tibetan Buddhism, the ultimate transformation is of the elements of the body into their essence - rainbow light- and ultimately to achieve the rainbow body. I will be teaching the practice of the night and conscious dreaming. The night is seen as an even more important a time to practice than the day and one where the body elements and the mind are freer – where the dream body has more access to the ultimate reality. In addition it s a similar but less permanent state to that which we will experience after death and so an essential opportunity to prepare, practice and to become familiar with the ultimately unfamiliar and be able to work towards achieving the essential state of reality and become enlightened. This is a powerful spiritual practice. Most of the psychological patterning that we display to the world comes about through resonance with our parents or primary carers, which have resonated in the exactly same way down the generations - giving rise, when compounded with the life events engendered by these patterns, to the field of family and ancestors.  As a result of this resonant patterning, the world mirrors back to us what and how it perceives us to be, and our view of the world and our experience within it become what we create through how we act, whether we like it or not. Within the Mandala of Conscious Dreaming we will become conscious of these patterns and have magical access and ability to transform them, so that the world can become a wondrous and benign place, and us effective and aware and clear within it, able to revision our experience and bring about our true vision in the world and our own role within it. 
This week is held over the festival of Beltane or May Day (which we celebrate joyfully) , a festival of fecundity when the forces of heaven penetrate the earth (represented in traditional England by the Maypole). We will harness these forces using sound as the bridge between the worlds to connect to the source of power through the instrument of our own voice and purify the body, the elements and past karma.  
I only do one weeklong residential of this kind a year so its hugely in demand from people all over the world – places and beds are limited so its essential to book early.

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