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Fabien Maman
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HEALING SOUNDS RADIO show with Jonathan Goldman & Fabien Maman- September 2010

Summary: HEALING SOUNDS RADIO  show withJonathan Goldman & Fabien Maman- September 2010

Jonathan introduces his RadioShow:‘ My Guest today is Fabien Maman, he is a musician, composer,acupuncturist, author, researcher, healer, teacher, "bioenergetician"and martial artist. As a musician/composer, he performed his originalcompositions in the great concert halls of the world, including Carnegie Hall,the Tokyo Opera, the Paris Olympia and the Berlin Philharmonic. He was therecipient of the Grande Prix de Composition Francaise (Grand prize of Frenchcomposition). In 1977, Fabien became an acupuncturist, linking music with acupuncture.He created the now famous system which uses tuning forks instead of needles onacupuncture command points. In the early 80's, Fabien conducted hisrevolutionary biology experiments at the University of Jussieu in Paris,showing the impacts of acoustic sound on human cells and their energy fields.Fabien found that through a series of acoustic sounds, he could explode cancercells, as well as energize and empower healthy ones. This would become thedriving theory behind Fabien's life's work: 'that blockages in our subtleenergy fields can result in physical illness if they are allowed tocrystallize. Sound, Colour and Movement are the most effective tools we can useto dissolve these negative energetic patterns.' In 1988 Fabien founded Tama-Do("Way of the Soul"), the Academy of Sound, Colour and Movement®,offering a three-year training program for the evolution of consciousness usingnon-invasive vibrational techniques composed of Sound, Colour and Movement® andSeasonal Healing Concerts. For nearly 30 years, Fabien has created research andpractical applications to balance the body, mind and spirit through the subtleenergy fields. He is the author of numerous books including: The Role of Musicin the 21st Century and Raising Human Frequencies. He has also created severalmusic healing CDs.

Jonathan described Fabien as ‘a legend’ and asked him if there was apivotal experience which helped him realise that Sound could be used forhealing. Fabien described a spontaneous trip to the Sahara dessert whereone evening, while he was looking at the stars, he was overwhelmed by a ‘snow of light’ that completelyilluminated him, ‘I don’t know whathappened but it changed my life… I received the message of sound through thestars, that’s all I can say. It was like somebody talking to you through light,for a musician, it linked to sound, through vibration…It took me a few years todownload what I received from the meditation with the stars.’

Jonathan agreed that he stillreceives these type of messages, and that ‘theyare wonderful to have, particularly when they get validated. I know for you ,you have been able to validate much of your life’s work…. You are one of thetruly great pioneers of sound, I think for me your work with acoustic sound onhuman cells is probably the more important work I have seen. Can you tell theaudience what your inspiration was and what you did?’

Fabien retold the story of his time in Japan playingconcerts and how the tradition there is for the people not to clap after eachpiece but only to clap at the end of the concert so the concerts were largelyplayed in silence which allowed Fabien to observe that ‘the music goes through the hall, through the aura and comes back,in the silence, to you but it is different, filtered  with different energy so my first idea waswhen I return to Paris, I will put human cells on microscope and play music andsee how the cell reacts.’ This is exactly what Fabien did with a Biologistfor 18months, every night. They played different notes with different instrumentswhile taking pictures of cells. ‘I didn’tknow the outcome but when I saw the pictures, I was blown away and this is whyI wanted to share this information with the people….It gave me the idea thatsound was really doing something around the people, not only around the cellsbut in the aura of people.’

Jonathan agreed saying that thephotographs were so fascinating, ‘thecells change shape and colour and its such proof positive that power of soundcan effect us on a cellular level, people even today have a understanding thatsound just doesn’t go into your ear or effect us internally but it has theability to effect us externally as well.’

Fabien confirmed, ‘soundcomes to your aura first then it penetrates the body, that’s what I saw with myexperiments…. When the cells were healthy, there was a change of colour andshape  but what was important, was thatgenerally somewhere in the middle of the scale, I always got a Mandala-likeshape with 2 complementary colours from the cell. I found this was theFundamental note of the person, that was really important…. ‘ He went on todescribe how he also found that when a pentatonic scale was played using halftones, that cancer cells exploded ‘sosome cells like some frequencies and other cells don’t like dissonantfrequencies.’

Fabien stressed the importance of using acoustic sound overelectronic sounds as ‘the power of thesound is not in the striking of the sound , its in the overtones of the sound,they are so subtle  and fine that theycan penetrate the aura and subtle bodies…The more the sound is fine (like anovertone) the more you are effective in sound healing.’ He went on toexplain, that there is a big misunderstanding about sound healing and if hugedrums or gongs are banged like crazy, what they are doing is scaring the subtlefields, and the client is going right out of their body and is left withoutenergy. ‘You are bombarded by sound, butyou are just knocked down, the sound doesn’t penetrate you, it hits you. Soundhealing is in the overtone, the harmonies.’ 

Jonathan agreed saying that ‘sound healing is in the subtle energyhealing and that a lot of people don’t know that, some people think bigger,louder is better.

Jonathan asked Fabien about TamaDo. Fabien explained that Tama Do is Japanese for ‘way of the soul’. TheTama Do academy was created after the messages from the stars. He knew theacademy needed to teach about colour, sound and movement but after his years asan acupuncturist, he was able to marry music with acupuncture to create andteach over 30 techniques and protocols where sound could be applied to the bodyfollowing Chinese medicine. He described how he was first inspired to use soundin this way. One of his first acupuncture patients was a young boy with a sorethroat but he knew that the needle technique to help sore throats would be verypainful and the boy was likely to jump through the roof. As he went to fetchhis guitar to play, the A tuning fork fell from the guitar case and he wasinspired to use this fork on the acupuncture points instead of needles, ‘after 1 minute, his sore throatdisappeared.. I closed my office and I couldn’t believe it! For a whole year Ihealed people with one fork but it took me 7 years to establish the connectionsbetween which note and which organ. In ’89 I finished the research and startedthe Academy.’

Fabien explains that ‘thebody is like a swiss clock, everything is precise, the body is so precise so wehave to apply sound in a precise way. So I came to America and I was filmed, 3years later, everyone was using tuning forks, there are a lot of incoherentways of using tuning forks.’

 Jonathansaid, ‘I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, you were not onlythe first but yours is based on massive research .’  Fabien agreed sayingthat ‘unfortunately that some of thetuning fork work was a mess… in Tama Do everything is coherently articulated inthe structure of Chinese medicine.’

Jonathan shared exerts fromFabien Maman’s Autumn Harmonising concert saying, ‘This is beautiful, Iwas  at this concert and asked Fabien toexplain the meaning behind these seasonal harmonising concerts. Fabienexplained that in Chinese medicine, the master element for Autumn is metal, sowe start the concert with all the metal instruments tuned to the tonality of G.‘We try to put the people in resonancewith this tonailty…  This physical ride betweenthe season and the mode…On top of that, Autumn corresponds (in acupuncture) tothe lungs and the large intestines so we are supposed with this tonality, tosoothe any trouble in theses meridians and we try to tune under the stars …Seasonal concerts ‘are very important to me, it’s a new way for a musician toserve the big cycle of the universe rather than serve the little ego to playmelodies. The musicians should tune with the cycle of the universe and in thisway they are harmonising  the life….whenscientific research, spiritual practice and artist expression come together ,heaven and earth are in resonance and this is the vibratory promise of themusical universe. We want to get people, music is amazing, it’s a vibrationalcommunication, completely direct.’

Fabien explained that at the beginning.. ‘ I was inspired to play music of the elementsto make healing for the earth but I received the message : its nice to playmusic for the earth but if you don’t play music for the people who live on thisearth then they will continue to destroy the earth. Its one of the missions ofthe sound people to heal people as well as the earth.’

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