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What are the basic elements of sound healing using crystal bowls? For example, what would someone experience when they book a session with you?

Ultimately a sound healing session with crystal starts with connecting one's field of consciousness with another. Ours and the crystal kingdom. Crystals have a frequency that anyone, if  willing, can access like a radio station searching for the right dial of frequencies in order to hear the music.  If you sit with a crystal, be it a bowl or a rock and take the time to connect, something will happen.   After a while you will enter a meditation state,  and then you will feel the crystal pulsating; this is your first introduction into the crystal consciousness.

Sounding the crystal for healing is to respectfully work within this mineral kingdom by directing healing intention and energy toward the receiver. It is very powerful, as the nature of crystal is to amplify,  and so your intention has to literally be crystal clear.  At this point,  you can match properly the pure resonance of the sacred crystal, and work with it to release the healing therapeutic power into the session, be it for yourself or another.  Here we establish the fact that crystal resonates and emits energy as sound waves that can be qualified as energy as well, and the two together produce a highly beneficial structure for the healing to take place.


The person experiencing such treatment will feel the waves hovering around and within the cellular body, and adjust themselves in harmonic frequency to "All That Is". Most of the crystal bowls have a very slow oscillation, often less than 3 cycles per second.   The brain becomes entrained to a deep mediation state, with a brain wave pulsating in the alpha / theta range exactly as it has been witnessed with EEG equipment on a person in deep seated meditation.  The interaction of many crystal sounds played together induce an effect called phasing, which makes the frequencies seem like they are floating around the room and the body in a 3D fashion. This allows  the person experiencing it to be very present while in a state of bliss and stillness. 

Physicists know that quartz is able to maintain the balance of electromagnetic energies between the north and south poles, the same electromagnetic fields exist within all forms of life.  Quartz does balance our own electromagnetic energies.  Further more it is pretty safe to say that the different hormones and Nero chemicals that are released to suppress pain, strengthen willpower and foster well being are enhanced as we merge with the crystal sound.


How does the crystal makeup of the bowls work to help establish harmony in the body?

Our physiological make up is crystalline based in substance.  In principal, we resonate with crystal because silica can be find in our brain, cells, blood, and even our bones.  When the Crystal Bowls are singing pure tones our natural affinity is highly effected, and we resonate with the ethereal vibration of the unseen.   Often people describe being touched or cleansed by the sound frequencies, especially when they are aligned with "Quantum Physic" intentions;  then, truly miracles can happen.  The bowls made of crystal can also be experienced as an activator to help the seeds of the healing process to unfold.


Are there any particular ailments that are best addressed through the use of crystals?

Like any energy healing modality, crystal sound healing can ease many symptoms in the emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies.  Again Crystal is a magnifier, it intensifies the session in process.  So whatever the client is there to work on, will be the main focus for that particular time frame.  I have worked with clients with a range of aliments from cancer to emotional stress with very positive, successful results. 


Are there any differences between using crystals in their natural state and using them in bowl form with sound healing that are worthy of mention? Do they offer the same type of benefit to the client, such as helping their body to calm down and take stock of what it needs to be done to heal?

The awareness of crystal consciousness is very important to keep in mind.  Like many of our fellow relatives (the elementals),  one crystal is related and connected with all the other the crystals.  When you work with a crystal you work with all crystals as one big family, as they are all linked consciously. Understanding this, you can access a whole new perception which will expand your results in working with them.  As a standing stone they will accelerate the growth of your spiritual practice, stimulate your pineal gland, and 3rd eye during meditation or contemplation. Keeping a crystal in your pocket may attract similar higher frequencies towards you. They are also great mergers, and can be encoded with an intention to attract what you need when you need it. My advice is to make friends with them, be patient and loving toward their magic, have faith and observe what can happen. Interestingly, they have been used for many years in the technology industry.  Your watch and your computer is running on quartz energy, that is perhaps why we are so strongly drawn to these objects, because we are made of the same structure and resonate with their energy/frequency. 



Do you have any examples that particularly stand out in your mind of how a client was 'healed' with the aid of a crystal? 

To answer this question we would first have to understand what "healing" means.   The word healing comes from the root of the word whole or to be complete.  In my work, I do not go in with the attitude of "curing" anyone.  Healing takes place when the three bodies (physical, emotional and spiritual) come back into balance, or homeostasis.  This is usually a process, and I am just the facilitator of a piece of that process.   So a dis-ease, or dissonance can be seen as a disturbance in the physical, cellular and/or energy body, and the harmonic tone is meant to help us come back "in tune" with our original healthy frequency. 

I think that in today's world the biggest health issue that is manifesting for people is cancer.  I have treated many clients with cancer who have felt that our work together caused major improvement in their condition.  This is outstanding for me at the moment, because I have been working for a while now with someone battling breast cancer and see her improvement with each session, which has also been confirmed by her allopathic doctors.  



Is there anything else that you would like to add that is an important element to the concept of the use of crystals for healing?

Healing with the sound of crystal is a fairly new modality on the market.  I would suggest using caution when playing crystal more so than any instrument, as it will amplify what ever intention and frequency we are holding within.   For example, I do not use the crystal bowls with pregnant women because sound travels faster in water, and the fetus will be intensely effected by the pure tones and the water.  It just may be too intense, and so the fetus may feel tormented by the amplitude.  However, music therapy is excellent for fetus in development, ie listening to Bach etc...  Keep in mind that the first memory of the human being is acoustic, as the ears are the first organ to be formed.


Another contraindication would be anyone experiencing recent broken bones or if you have metal plates in the body, as the sound frequencies could unscrew the bolts.  


As crystal bowls or Crystal rock they have to be loved and cherished for what they are, a tool for transformation.  Talk to them, nourish them with heart energy, and they will give you in return wisdom, advice, and healing. Have fun, respect them and you just may decode the many secrets embedded within their sacred structure.


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