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The Complete Singing Bowl Book

by Frank Perry

(including Cymatic Photography by John Stuart Reid)

Polair Publishing (

P/B  509 pages (Second Edition -Expanded )

ISBN 978-1-905398-37-9

Reviewed by James D'Angelo

Frank Perry’s Himalayan Sound Revelations is a masterpiece of writing about the nature and power of pure sound as encoded into the consciously constructed instruments of the East.  No other book in the field of working with sound for healing and spiritual development is as knowledgeable, penetrating and comprehensive as this great tome.  Contained within these pages is far, far more than an exploration of every aspect of singing bowls, instruments that Perry literally knows inside out through his enormous collection and varied use over many years of practice. Each chapter is an in-depth study of what the bowls have to offer in relation to ancient symbolism, Yin/Yang shapes, astrology, chakras, mantra, Nada Yoga, overtones. cymatics (wave fields), planets and musical temperament.  Along the way we are given much knowledge of these topics in and of themselves. For example, the use of the voice.  The book balances perfectly the historical, theoretical, spiritual and practical sides of these profound metals. Very helpful in  absorbing Perry’s wisdom are the many illustrations, photographs, tables and diagrams. What especially sets it apart is how Perry places them into a spiritual, historical context such as no other text has done and thus makes the bowls (and bells) living, breathing entities.  The tome  is scholarly but not in an academic sense.  It is simply thorough and the writing is clear, direct and substantial without unnecessary digressions. .  Thus Himalayan Sound Revelations will appeal both to those who wish to make practical use of singing bowls (choosing them, playing them properly and even caring for them) and those who would like to understand the historical context of the bowls and their role in healing and spirituality.  Himalayan Sound Revelations is truly a universal work of a music master.  It is bound to become a classic and belongs on the shelf of every serious student of Eastern music, meditation and spirituality.

Since this review Perry has produced a new chapter entitled More on Bowls and Chakras to the book to create the expanded edition.  Within this chapter there is thoroughly engaging discourse on the link between musical notes and the chakras.  He makes a strong case for not making the simple equation between the seven tones of the C major scale and the chakras.  For anyone using tuned bowls and tuning forks to resonate the chakras this chapter is required reading and will give them pause for thought regarding what frequencies would be applied to the energy centres.

The price of the book, if you do not already have it, remains the same.

James D’Angelo is a teacher of sound healing, musician and composer and is the author of The Healing Power of the Human Voice and Seed Sounds for Tuning the Chakras: Vowels, Consonants and  Syllables for Spiritual Transformation

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