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from: Steven Ash

Hamblin Hall Events

Hello Sound Healers in the South of England. Renata and I are running fabulous singing and drumming events at this beautiful venue near Chichester. If you can not make it please tell your friends who may live close and please send us your blessings, we need all the love of you brothers and sisters to fill the sails of our sturdy small boat. The breath of life, a song thrown over the sea of encouragement. The storms are strong at the moment are they not? Love is a web of intent, we send the love to you on sound. I wanted to let you knowa bout the next few Sound Healers Events which will be held at Hamblin Hall, Bosham near Chichester in West Sussex. 15 November SINGING FOR BLISS 7 - 9pm 17 November SACRED MUSIC FOR THE HEART 10am - 5pm 6 December SINGING FOR BLISS 7 - 9pm For more information please visit the Chichester Sound Healers Group. It would be lovely to see you there! The Sacred Drumming 5 modular course on using the shaman hoop drum to awaken, stimulate, encourage healing and transformation in yourself, your clients, your home and the earth starts in the spring 2014. This course is being held over 5 weekends at Hamblin Hall, starting with making a drum and a rattle for healing and medicine,this training gives a firm foundation in the use of drum and rattles in sound healing, covering one-to-one, group and distance drum healing. Further course contents include trance journeys, spirit archetypes, medicine wheel teachings,drumming in tune with nature and the elements. Smudging and cleansing rituals, the voice with the drum, as well as ceremonial drumming. This Sacred Drumming course is affiliated to the College of Sound Healing and as such is approved bythe CMA (Complementary Medical Association) and the STA (Sound Therapy Association). Certificates will be issued by the College to students who havesuccessfully completed all modules as well as the final assessment, all homework assignments and the required number of case studies. The certificate identifies the student as a person who has undertaken extensive training in Sacred Drumming and related subjects as defined in the course programme. There is a £20 administration fee that students need to pay to receive their practitioner certificate. Sacred Drumming Practitioners Course Course Tutor: Steven Ash DD, Cert.Ed. 2014 course moduledates: Feb 1 - 2 March 29 - 30 May 10 -11 July 5 - 6 Sept 6 - 7 Contact:

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